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Professional Dog Trainers in Connecticut

All ABC Certified Connecticut Dog Trainers


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ABC Certified Dog Trainers in Connecticut

Pomeranian in a park

Dogs are great additions to families. However, they can be a hassle if they’re not properly trained. Untrained dogs can cause a number of problems, such as damaged furniture and obnoxious barking. Families frustrated with their pets are more likely to bring them to a shelter. This situation can be easily prevented with proper training.

Certified dog trainers are professionals in handling canines. They have an expert understanding of dogs and the various dog training techniques. Interested in dog training? You too can become a certified dog trainer in Connecticut through Animal Behavior College.

Resources for Dog Owners in Connecticut

Connecticut Dog Parks

There are dozens of dog parks in Connecticut, many of which offer spacious lawns and drinking water. Several parks even offer waste bags for added convenience. While your pet plays with other dogs, you can relax on the provided benches. Spend time with your dog outside of the house and head over to one of the best dog parks in Connecticut.

Canine-friendly Cities

As a dog owner, it may be difficult to find facilities that accommodate dogs. Fortunately, many locations in Connecticut welcome dogs into their hotels, parks, and trails. From Stamford to Hartford, cities are inviting dogs to their communities. With the number of dog-friendly amenities available, traveling across the state is a breeze.

Skyline of Hartford in Connecticut

Here's a list of the pet-friendliest cities in Connecticut:

Bridgeport, CT

As the most populous city in Connecticut, Bridgeport provides families a wide range of recreational activities. From musical performances to annual festivals, there’s always an event happening in the city. Bridgeport zip codes include: 06601, 06604, and 06605.

Danbury, CT

Located approximately 70 miles from New York City, Danbury has been referenced in television shows and movies. Hat City, named for having produced one-quarter of the hats in the U.S., has a multitude of hiking trails and parks. Danbury zip codes include: 06810, 06811, and 06816.

Hartford, CT

Hartford is almost 400 years old, making it one of the oldest cities in the country. Connecticut’s capital was once home to Mark Twain. Hartford zip codes include: 06101, 06105, and 06140.

Meriden, CT

Part of New Haven County, Meriden was the location for Robert De Niro’s film “Jacknife.” The Red Bridge, Ted's Restaurant, and Castle Craig serve as the city's landmarks. Meriden zip codes include: 06450, 06451, and 06492.

Milford, CT

Coastal city Milford has a slew of public, private, and technical schools. Every year, Milford hosts the Oyster Festival where attendees can partake in kayak races and classic car shows. Milford zip codes include: 06460, 06461, and 06614.

New Britain, CT

A quick drive from Hartford lays New Britain. Nicknamed Hardware City for housing several manufacturing headquarters during the early half of the 20th century, New Britain has a large Polish population. New Britain zip codes include: 06050, 06051, and 06053.

New Haven, CT

Home to Yale University, New Haven is a center of higher education. The city offers residents a variety of cuisine options, ranging from Ethiopian eats to French meals. New Haven zip codes include: 06501, 06520, and 06533.

Norwalk, CT

Similar to Milford, Norwalk hosts an annual Oyster Festival. Once called Oyster Town, the city has served as the backdrop for many movies, such as “The Stepford Wives” and “Hope Springs.” Norwalk zip codes include: 06850, 06855, and 06859.

Shelton, CT

Shelton is on the eastern portion of Connecticut. It contains more than 15 miles of hiking trails and two private golf courses as well as its own sheriff’s department. Shelton zip codes include: 06484, 06468, and 06611.

Stamford, CT

Given the handful of large corporations located in the city, Stamford is rightfully nicknamed The City That Works. Stamford contains branches of University of Connecticut and University of Bridgeport. Stamford zip codes include: 06901, 06904, and 06914.

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