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Professional Dog Trainers in Oregon

All ABC Certified Oregon Dog Trainers


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ABC Certified Dog Trainers in Oregon

Golden labradoodle

When it comes to dog ownership, destructive behavior is often the main problem. Pet owners complain about their dogs jumping on furniture, chewing shoes, and urinating on carpets. These issues can eventually take a toll on not only their relationships with their pets, but on their health as well. Rather than putting up with your dog's actions, teach your dog obedience.

Animal Behavior College can help you become a certified dog trainer in Oregon. Through the school's Dog Obedience Program, you are taught the best training methods in the pet care industry. Online courses and hands-on training provide you the expert knowledge you need to launch your own dog training business upon graduation. By becoming a professional dog trainer, you can strengthen the bond between owners and pets everywhere.

Resources for Dog Owners in Oregon

Oregon Dog Parks

All dogs need some fresh air once in a while. Oregon's dog parks have everything from acres of land to fresh water to meet your dog's needs. Many of the parks are fenced off, ensuring your dog is safe even without the leash. For added convenience, some parks are divided into sections so your dog can play with pets his size. Before you opt for a stroll around the neighborhood, consider taking your dog out to one of the top dog parks in Oregon.

Canine-Friendly Communities

Dogs have it good in Oregon. There are dozens of dog-friendly cities located across the state, making it easier for pet owners to bring their dogs along on road trips. Portland has numerous hotels and attractions for dogs while Seaside invites dogs to its beach. Whether you live in Portland or Eugene, take advantage of all the canine-friendly amenities in the area.

Portland, Oregon

Here's a list of the pet-friendliest cities in Oregon:

Beaverton, OR

Beaverton has transformed from being home to a Native American tribe to an economic center. The city, which has schools up to the college level, was once listed as one of the best places to live in the country. Beaverton zip codes include: 97005, 97006, and 97008.

Bend, OR

Located near the center of Oregon, Bend offers residents plenty of outdoor sports and activities. Residents have access to campgrounds, white-water rafting, and golf courses. Bend zip codes include: 97701, 97702, and 97707.

Corvallis, OR

Near the coast lies Corvallis where more than 40 public parks can be found within city limits. As the home of Oregon State University, Corvallis has several art galleries and museums for students to enjoy. Corvallis zip codes include: 97330, 97331, and 97339.

Eugene, OR

A large population of original hippies resides in Eugene. Emerald Valley is jam-packed with outdoor activities, cultural events, and private art galleries. Eugene zip codes include: 97401, 97403, and 97405.

Gresham, OR

Originally known as Campground, Gresham has developed into the fourth largest city in Oregon. Gresham has several school districts and bus stations. Gresham zip codes include: 97030 and 97080.

Hillsboro, OR

California may have Silicon Valley, but Oregon has Silicon Forest. At the center of Silicon Forest lies Hillsboro where Intel, Yahoo!, and Salesforce operate. Hillsboro zip codes include: 97123 and 97124.

Medford, OR

Not to be confused with the city in Massachusetts, Medford is located in the southwestern portion of Oregon. The city has many parks and ways of transportation. Medford zip codes include: 97501 and 97504.

Portland, OR

Portland, dubbed Rose City for its perfect rose-growing climate and numerous rose gardens, is the perfect place for outdoor lovers and beer enthusiasts. Families can attend performing arts shows, shop in Downtown Portland, and enjoy delicious eats. Portland zip codes include: 97201, 97211, and 97213.

Salem, OR

About an hour away from Portland, Salem hosts an array of festivals and events. The capital of Oregon has earned the “Tree City USA” status for 30 years in a row due to its dedication to urban forestry. Salem zip codes include: 97301, 97308, and 97309.

Springfield, OR

Named after a natural spring found within the city limits, Springfield boasts one of the largest school districts in the state. Ken Kesey, author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,” lived in the city until his high school graduation. Springfield zip codes include: 97477 and 97478.

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