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An ABC Level 2 Dog Trainer Certification will acknowledge your experience and education!

Attaining ABCDT-L2 status requires at least 275 hours of dog training experience and at least 28 units of continuing education in the dog training field.

We are currently not accepting new ABCDT-L2 applicants. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Become An ABCDT-L2... All The Dogs Will Thank You!

In the ever changing animal industry, it is important to consistently add to your resume and build your reputation. The dog training business has very few credentials for certified dog trainers, and it can be difficult for prospective clients to choose from the dozens of dog trainers in their local community. A client needs to be able to feel secure and trust the professional dog trainer who will be working with their canine companion! Achieving ABCDT-L2 status will demonstrate your commitment and encourage prospective clients to select you as the most qualified.

Animal Behavior College is proud to present the Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer – Level 2 (ABCDT-L2) Certification! Earning the ABCDT-L2 designation proves you have a solid foundation of dog training experience, as well as knowledge in teaching abilities, learning theory, canine behavior and more. This certification will set you apart from other trainers and show your clients the level of training, experience, and knowledge you have to offer!

You DO NOT have to be a graduate of Animal Behavior College, Inc. (ABC) in order to apply.
ABC created the ABCDT-L2 certification to stand independently from the Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer (ABCDT) certification, which requires graduation from ABC’s Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program. This will enable ALL experienced dog trainers to apply for the ABCDT-L2 certification. It is the goal of ABC to recognize and award an ABCDT-L2 designation to all dog trainers who have achieved the experience and knowledge in this profession. ABC is serious about education!

What is the ABCDT-L2?
The ABCDT-L2 is a level 2 dog training certification. The goal of the ABCDT-L2 test is to objectively test your knowledge on a variety of common training philosophies and techniques, whether you use them or not. It is purposely designed not to endorse any one training viewpoint or method.  The test is written for dog trainers who have professional dog training experience and have pursued continuing education in this industry.  It is the goal of Animal Behavior College that professional trainers who achieve ABCDT-L2 status will be knowledgeable about a broad spectrum of techniques and theories.
Why should I apply for the ABCDT-L2?
Having the ABCDT-L2 certification signifies dog training knowledge, experience, and expertise.  The ABCDT-L2 classification represents to your peers and your clients a thorough understanding of a broad spectrum of philosophies and techniques.
How do I become ABCDT-L2 certified?
Applying for the ABCDT-L2 is easy and just a click away!  Simply click HERE to start the application process.  Once you register, you will be provided with a PDF of the Application Packet. The “free” Application Packet will answer all your questions and outline the process.  Once you decide to take the ABCDT-L2 exam, the $300 application fee is due.   At this point you will have the ability to upload all forms and supporting documentation for review.  Once your application and supporting documents are approved, you will be given access to the 300 question exam. 
How much time and money will it cost to become ABCDT-L2 certified?
The application fee for the ABCDT-L2 is $300.  If your application is accepted, you will be able to take the 300 question certification exam.  Once you pass the exam, you will receive your ABCDT-L2 certificate via the ABCDT-L2 Certification Center.  If your application is declined, $250 of your application fee will be refunded to you.
Become ABCDT-L2 Certified in 7 Steps:
  1. Register & Download The “Free” Application Packet
  2. Review the Requirements & All Supporting Documentation
  3. Pay The Registration Fee
  4. Submit Your Completed Forms & Documentation For Approval
  5. Take the ABCDT-L2 Certification Exam
  6. Print Your ABCDT-L2 Certificate
  7. Proudly display your ABCDT-L2 designation on all of your marketing materials.