February’s Dog Obedience Program Canadian Student Of The Month – 2013


ABC Dog Obedience Instruction Program Canadian Student of the Month– February 2013

Sheena Hnatuk

Sheena Hnatuk - Animal Behavior College Canadian Student of the Month February 2013

After a stint in the military as a motor vehicle driver, Sheena Hnatuk returned to her hometown of Gibbons, Alberta, Canada, where she works as an assistant manager at Shoppers Drug Mart. Wanting a career that provided an income as well as personal fulfillment, Sheena enrolled in ABC and became a certified trainer. Sheena is currently giving private-lessons and is looking forward to building her clientele and being able to work full time as a dog trainer.

  • Are you currently a full-time trainer? How many hours do you spend training a week?

At this time I am training 1 hour a week teaching basic manners and puppy classes, and doing some privates. I hope to be hired on full time.

  • What was the biggest challenge you have faced during your externship and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was during my hands-on training with my mentor trainer when I was asked to teach classes. I was nervous but thought to myself, “Just jump and do it.” After teaching a few classes I felt more comfortable doing it.

  • What has been your most rewarding moment as a dog trainer?

The first time I had taught a class, a new client brought her dog who was out of control. It was rewarding to have the confidence to teach the client how to handle her dog. The dog graduated and the owner was very happy. I was so amazed at the progress both owner and dog made.

  • How did you hear about the ABC program and what convinced you to become certified?

I always wanted to become a dog trainer, but I was not sure how to go about it. I did some research, found the ABC website and decided to sign up and receive my certification as a dog trainer.

  • What was your experience like in the ABC Dog Obedience Program?

It was very rewarding. I really enjoyed the reading and learned so much. I gained a real understanding of what dog obedience is all about. I was very happy when I completed the program, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting their certification.

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