How to Teach Your Dog to Speak

How to Teach Your Dog to Speak

Teach Your Dog to Speak “Speak” is a fun dog obedience exercise for you and your dog to enjoy--one that will be both entertaining and educational for your pet. Learning how to bark on command may be a little bit tricky for your dog at first, but it can be accomplished easily with dedication, repetition and maintenance. Below we show you how to teach your dog to speak in … [Read more...]

Squeaky Toys vs. Rope Toys


Choosing Between Dog Toys Squeaky Toys One of the most popular and attention-grabbing types of squeaky toys are the brightly colored latex toys that have a high-pitched squeaky sound. The toy's appearance and the sound it makes when squeezed (or chewed in a dog’s case) are what usually capture a dog’s attention. These toys are great tools to use during dog obedience … [Read more...]

Dog Toys 101

Dog Toys 101

When it comes to dog toys, there are quite literally millions of choices available. However, it’s important for your dog’s physical health and emotional well-being that you select the most appropriate toys. To find out what attracted dogs to toys, researchers from Bristol Veterinary School conducted a study in 2012 where they presented dogs with a variety of different toys … [Read more...]

Teach Your Dog to Come Through Puppy Ping-Pong

Puppy Training

Teaching "Come" With Puppy Ping-Pong A great way to work on the "come" cue at home is to play a game that's fun for the whole family. The game is called Puppy Ping-Pong taught at dog trainer school Animal Behavior College. All you'll need to play this game is three or more people, a safe area, and some yummy food treats. Not to mention your dog! Get your puppy ready for … [Read more...]

Training Your Dog to Skateboard

Skateboarding Dog

Skateboarding With Your Dog By Azure Long, ABCDT Many people love exercising with their dogs. Thanks to seeing skateboarding dogs on TV, many pet owners now wonder if their dogs could learn to do the same. Here are some easy steps to teach your dog to skateboard Some dogs will either love or hate the skateboard. Natural-born skaters, such as Bulldogs and Jack … [Read more...]