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Training Dogs for Travel

One of the most common concerns that dog owners have when they bring their pet in for animal training is dealing with travel. Many people love the idea of traveling with their dogs but have trouble making sure that their pets behave during a trip. Having a dog as a "co-pilot" on a road trip can make for wonderful memories, but it can also be a major headache if the dog misbehaves or dislikes travel. Dog owners want to make sure that their pets are well-trained and prepared to have a fun and exciting vacation experience and often come to a dog trainer looking for help.


Training Shelter Rescued Dogs

If you are looking at a dog training career, you will have lots of challenges that you might potentially face with your clients. One of the things that can make training dogs so interesting and challenging at the same time is the fact that you have to deal with an array of canine behaviors and traits, each one unique to different pets. However, there is perhaps nothing that is more of a challenge to dog trainers than working with a dog rescued from a shelter.


Tips for Training Indoor Dogs

Working in the field of animal training gives you the opportunity to train dogs and other animals who live in various environments. One of the most common challenges faced in dog training is working with dogs that live in apartments. Some dogs thrive in apartment settings while others struggle with the confinement and lack of access to outside spaces.


Becoming a Dog Trainer Lets You Be Your Own Boss

If you love dogs and are the type of person who loves being your own boss and setting your own agenda, becoming a dog trainer might be the perfect career choice for you. Just like dogs are independent creatures, so are some people. Becoming a dog trainer is the perfect way to maintain your independence while teaching dogs how to behave and become better companions for their owners.


Luxury Dog Kennels

A professional dog trainer can choose to work in a variety of settings. Some may decide to work from home and set their own schedules while others might work for major corporations such as Petco. Here is a quick look at what is becoming one of the most popular work environments for dog trainers-luxury dog kennels.


“Must Dos” When Bringing Home A New Dog

When you make the decision to get a dog, you are making a decision with a lifetime of commitment. After all, this is a new addition to the family that will depend on you for food, health and comfort. While animal training by a professional dog trainer is an important component of ownership and might keep your dog obedient, there’s a lot more to caring for a dog than that.


Animal Caretakers

There are many career choices when it comes to working with animals. If you have a specific love for dogs, however, it is easier to narrow down your options. One of the most promising occupations within the industry that guarantees you will be working with canines is an animal shelter caretaker. The following is a brief introduction to this rewarding animal career and why attending dog training school can get you started in the right direction.


Dog Training Education Proves Advantageous for Groomers

Although dog training is an exciting career, the unique set of skills acquired at professional dog training school can also prove to be beneficial for other animal-care professionals, including groomers. If you’re considering a career as a professional groomer, Animal Behavior College (ABC) can be a smart way to enhance your grooming experience and possibly open the way for other animal career opportunities in the future.


Demand for Pet Services Transcends Recession

Although the recession has forced consumers to scale back their discretionary spending in a number of areas, anecdotal evidence from around the country suggests that when it comes to pets, owners will continue to shell out their hard-earned dollars in spite of the tenuous state of the economy.


Traits of Natural Dog Trainers

Dog trainers help families and animals live peacefully together. Families and individuals often need help teaching dogs basic behaviors that make the difference between a happy home and a hectic one. While trainers often do teach animals tricks like sitting down, rolling over, and standing up, dog training also involves life-saving skills, such as “come!” and other behaviors such as resisting begging for food at the table, sleeping in a designated area, and staying calm on cue. Not just anyone can be a dog trainer. To be successful, a person with this type of animal career must love dogs; work well and patiently with animals; and must also be able to communicate well with people in order to understand what clients need and clearly explain the training process, role of the animal trainer, and potential results.


Business Building Skills for your Dog Training Career

While the profession offers opportunities in numerous types of organizations, many animal trainers prefer to run their own businesses—both large and small. Data released in 2006 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that about 57% of animal trainers ran their own establishments. For some, this means running an animal training school. For others, this might mean providing dog training for a few clients each month from home. In any case, self-employment in this industry involves skills in handling animals, but it also requires some business and customer service know how. For that reason, candidates considering pursuing studies related to animal caretaking or training should check that the program provides basics about businesses.




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