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Molli Baker, ABCDT

Dog Training - Orem, Utah 84097

Teaching you to teach your dog! Offering professional, personalized dog training in the Utah Valley area. From obedience training to Service Dog training and everything in between!

I believe a strong relationship with your dog is the key to good behavior. But how can you have a good relationship if you don’t understand each other? My goal is to help you understand how your dog learns and how he or she thinks, allowing you to work with your dog, increase respect, and develop a more meaningful relationship. I believe that the best human/canine relationships are built on love and respect, not force and fear.

Because of this, I focus on using positive training methods. I also strive to make sure that my training methods are up to date with the most recent sciences and behavioral studies.

I understand that, like people, every dog is different. There is no such thing as a one all training method that will work for every dog. Shaping methods may work wonders in a variety of situations, but some dogs may do better with luring techniques. While most dogs may do fine without the use of a clicker, some dogs may need it in order to focus. I will mold my training methods to fit the individual needs of you and your dog.

Please note that I do not employ the use of e-collars, prong collars, or choke chains.

Areas of Service: Utah Valley Area

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