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Dog Training Careers For ABC Dog Training School Graduates

Dog Training Career Information

Many exciting options are available to certified ABC graduates

Dog Training & Working With Animals

Job opportunities with Petco Animal Supplies
ABC is in a unique position to help you if you desire to work for Petco as a professional dog trainer or another animal job related to our curricula. For over a dozen years, ABC's sister company, ABTA, had an exclusive relationship with Petco Animal Supplies, in which ABTA supplied all training classes for Petco. As a result of this relationship, the ABC certification is looked highly upon by Petco Managers and will give you an advantage above other applicants.  Click here
To date, literally hundreds of ABC certified dog trainers have taught classes at Petco stores and Petco is keenly interested in anyone with an ABC certification. Petco currently has over 1000 stores in the US and the District of Columbia

Own your own business
Part of what makes the ABC program unique is our dog career Business Building module. The Business Building module was written by Mr. Steven Appelbaum, who started his own dog training company in 1980 by hanging homemade flyers on supermarket bulletin boards and fourteen years later owned the largest dog training company in North America employing over 500 trainers in forty-three states and five Canadian provinces.

In this module, Steve will explain in simple step by step fashion how to create, manage, market, and succeed in a business of your own, small or large.

Steve and all of us at ABC understand that most people dream of being their own boss and owning their own business by establishing a dog training career. Unfortunately, this dream is beyond the reach of many because of the cost involved in purchasing or building a business. While this is true in most professions, it is not true for professional dog trainers. In fact ABC offers a comprehensive business building section whereas many other dog training schools do not. For trainers, there is little start up cost to create a business of your own. You will not only learn how to become a dog trainer, but you will learn how to start your own dog training company for as little as a few hundred dollars from someone who has "walked the walk". Enjoy the freedom of making your own hours and being in control of your own destiny.

With ABC learn to be a great trainer and a savvy business owner. Let Steve share his secrets with you!

Unlimited Income in a Career you Enjoy

Professional dog trainers have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of money while working with animals and helping people. For many, this represents the best of all possible worlds. Imagine being able to make a great living while doing something you love. What's more, there is tremendous opportunity.

Consider the fact the 2009/2010 National Survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association (APPMA), says 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 71.4 millions homes. They also show that pet industry expenditures are rising. They estimate $47.7 billion dollars spent in 2010.

Professional dog trainers are in a unique position since nearly no overhead cost is needed to start a dog training business. Aside from schooling, what determines success is your knowledge and skill. It is for this reason that the ABC program is so valuable, especially when professional trainers can earn up to $150 per hour, depending on experience and location.

Great Part-Time Income
Professional Trainers can use their knowledge and skill as a way of helping people and their pets while earning significantly more than the average part time job. This makes the ABC program especially valuable for college students or anyone in need of additional income without having to work long hours on top of your already existing responsibilities. Nationally, most part time jobs pay between $8.50 and $12.00 per hour. Compare this to trainers earning an average of $20 per hour. What's more, you can do something you love.

While no school for animal careers can guarantee you employment, ABC can guarantee you assistance due to our one of a kind relationships in this industry and over twenty-six years experience in the dog training field.

So if you are considering a career change or just want to earn extra income, let us help you become a dog trainer. For more information about our dog training school feel free to contact us.

Other Animal Career Opportunities
Are you interested in learning about other animal career opportunities? 
Check out Animal Behavior College’s Certified Veterinary Assistant Program and the Certified Dog Grooming Program


We invite you to click through our site or speak with an ABC Admissions Counselor at:
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