Share Your ABC Success Story With The World!


Are you a hero dog trainer, pet groomer or veterinary assistant? Then we want to hear from you and share your story with the ABC community! Our students, grads and mentor trainers do amazing things every day…

Have you:

  • Worked with a particularly exotic animal?
  • Worked in a unique or exciting location?
  • Participated in a particularly touching story of rescue?
  • Traveled a great distance to fulfill an adoption?
  • Helped a pet survive a natural disaster?
  • Utilized an unexpected skill in the service of an animal?
  • Got a story so far off the map we can’t even imagine it?


Your story can inspire others to their own animal assistance success. Give us a hint of your accomplishments in the comments section below on this blog page. No story is too small or seemingly unimportant. Please include how your ABC training assisted in your success. If your story captures our interest, we’ll contact you for more details. It could wind up in front of thousands of people on our Facebook page, blog, quarterly newsletter and/or website. We’re happy to publicize your business as well, whether you own it or are an employee.

We get excited in the hallways of ABC’s headquarters by the snippets of stories and tidbits of details that we hear daily from our extended family, and we know there’s more out there. Share your story today and let it serve as a source of pride and inspiration for all others that follow in  your footsteps!

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