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Become a Certified Dog Trainer, Veterinary Assistant, or Dog Groomer

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Do you love dogs? Would you like to learn how to become a professional dog trainer? Animal Behavior College's school for dog trainers has certified over 12,000 dog trainers across North America since 1998. The Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program includes BOTH real world training with a Mentor Trainer in your local area, who uses positive reinforcement training methods, as well as an in depth home-study course. This hybrid real world / home-study course ensures that you will receive a solid academic and functional foundation in dog training.

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Do you enjoy helping and nurturing animals? Animal Behavior College can help you fulfill your passion of working with animals as an ABC Certified Veterinarian Assistant. Every student receives practical hands-on training during the externship portion of the program in an approved veterinary hospital or clinic environment. Receive the education AND experience you need at one of North America's TOP Veterinary Assistant Schools. Let us help you realize your dream of becoming a vet assistant. Sign up today!

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Wondering how to become a dog groomer and improve the lives of dogs? Animal Behavior College's Dog Grooming Instruction Program utilizes a proven system of hands-on training with in-home study. This multi-sensory format gives each student the education and experience needed to become a successful ABC Certified Dog Groomer. ABC focuses on gentle grooming techniques that are designed to protect the pet and provide a more relaxed grooming experience overall. Dog Groomers are in high demand nationwide.

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How to Become a Dog Trainer

Animal Behavior College has answered this question for thousands of successful students who have completed the ABC animal career program to become dog trainers. Dog training can be a very rewarding career, and Animal Behavior College is dedicated to providing the opportunity and support for those interested in becoming a dog trainer.

Dog Training

Dog training can be a very rewarding career for those who have a deep love for animals (especially dogs). Animal Behavior College offers a variety of vocational training programs, and at the core of those offerings is the dog training certification course which enables students to become dog trainers and enjoy a career working with man's best friend.

Animal Jobs & Careers

Animal Behavior College is dedicated to helping animal lovers make a career out of what they enjoy most, being with animals. In addition to our dog training program, we also offer a veterinary assistant program, and pet grooming courses. Whether you are looking to learn about how to become a dog trainer, how to become a veterinary assistant, or study for a career as a pet groomer, we can help.
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The ABC program provides students the flexibility to study when it is convenient for them. Our program accomodates the working professional with a busy schedule or individuals who can devote themselves...
Dog Training Courses
Experience the ABC program through the eyes of our students, the community, and fellow pet industry leaders. Our school, our staff and our ABC Certified Dog Trainer graduates have caught the attention of the media and the public…
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Consider the fact the 2015/2016 National Survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), says 65% of American households own a pet, which equates to 79.7 million homes. They also show that pet industry expenditures are rising. They estimate $62.75 billion dollars will be spent in 2016. Help animals while you become part of a thriving industry!1
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