Protecting Your Dog From the Heat


How to Protect Your Dog From the Heat

Protect Your Dog From Heat

Every summer, dog owners contemplate giving their pets a short haircut so they don’t suffer in the heat. Surprisingly, dogs with long coats can still be comfortable in the heat if they’re groomed well. Before you take your dog to your nearest dog grooming salon, learn the purpose of a dog’s coat and your grooming options.

Dog Coats Serve as Insulation

In most cases, a dog’s coat is used to regulate his body temperature by serving as insulation against the cold and heat. During hot temperatures, dogs begin shedding their undercoats. You can help with the shedding process by brushing your dog’s undercoat. The outer coat protects your dog’s skin from harsh sun rays.

Shaving Your Dog Isn’t Necessary

Shaving is often the solution most dog owners turn to when their dog’s coat is matted. Matted coats trap heat and moisture, causing redness, irritation and odors. Rather than going straight for a shave, ask your dog groomer if she can brush the mats out of your dog’s coat. If the coat is severely matted, then it may be beneficial to shave your dog.

Remember, if your dog is shaved without his coat, he will need extra protection from the sun, flies and parasites. Exposed skin is sensitive to the sun, and sunburn is a possibility if you’re not careful. Severe sunburn can lead to several skin disorders. For protection, make sure to apply sunscreen to your dog’s skin.

Trim Your Dog’s Coat Instead

Keeping your dog’s coat trimmed year-round is always the best option. Most dogs need a haircut every two to three months. Fluffy dogs like Poodles and Bichons will need to be groomed every month.

No matter what length you decide is best for your dog, always provide your dog cool water in the heat of the summer.

Do you have your dog’s coat shaved or trimmed? Sound off in the comments below!

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