Drying a Dog After a Bath


How to Dry Your Dog

How to Dry a Dog

When it comes to dog grooming, one of the most daunting tasks can be drying. Depending on the pet, you may have to use a variety of tools to get the job done. In this article, we discuss different drying tools that can be used for drying your dog.

Ensure the Dog is Comfortable

Every dog is different–not only in coat type, but also in their demeanor. Not all dogs like the blow dryer. Actually many dogs are afraid of the noise. It’s crucial to make sure the dog is as comfortable as possible while grooming. This will prevent any anxiety, stress or harm to him. There are several options available for dog groomers to ensure the dog is dried in a safe and happy environment.

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Use a Happy Hoodie

Generally, a groomer will use a small or portable air dryer on the dog. Air dryers are especially beneficial when it comes to dogs with thick fur or an undercoat. Sometimes, a groomer will use a kennel attached to a blow dryer. Oftentimes, the noise of the dryer or sensation of the air blowing may cause panic or distress in a pet.

In this instance, you may use the Happy Hoodie. This product is gauze-like and stretches over your dog’s head and ears, allowing him to be dried without the loud and discerning noise of the blower.

Let Him Air Dry

Another method for drying dogs would be to let them air dry. This is more common with short-haired pets. If your dog has sensitive skin, an abrasion or incision that would be otherwise irritated by the rubbing of a towel or heat from the dryer, air drying may be a good fit for your pet.

Usually air drying is not recommended because it can cause fungus growth in between the paw pads or under the armpit, and can also cause more serious problems like an ear infection. If a dog with long hair or an undercoat is left to air dry, it may cause matting of the fur and other skin problems like hot spots.

Towel Dry

Drypet Towel

Lastly, you have the towel dry method. There are several different products available for towel drying. They all have the same functionality. It would just be a matter of preference for your dog. For example, the Drypet is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial towel used for fast drying. This product can reportedly hold five times more water than a cotton bath towel.

Safe-T-Pet Dry Towel

The Safe-T-Pet Dry towel is said to be made of a new, revolutionary material similar to that of an automobile chamois. It holds more water than a regular cotton towel and claims to be resilient against ripping and tearing. The Safe-T-Pet Dry towel is easy to use and only needs to be rung out to dry.

Pet n’ Dry Towel

There are also products like the Pet n’ Dry towel. The Pet n’ Dry is a glove or mitt made for drying. Rather than using a large towel, simply place this microfiber glove over your hand and begin petting your dog dry. This product is small and compact. It claims to be five times more absorbent than a terry cloth towel.

No matter how you choose to dry your dog, remember to keep the environment friendly and comfortable to ensure a happy canine.

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