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Brushing Your Dog

Dog Brushing
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Brushing your dog regularly is important not only to keep your dog looking and feeling great, but also to significantly decrease shedding, get rid of dirt, remove dead hair and dry skin, and stimulate and spread the skin’s natural oils (which aid in promoting a healthy coat). Most importantly, you can become familiar with your dog’s skin and coat. Becoming familiar with your pet’s skin and coat allows you to quickly recognize any signs of infection or other problems that may need treatment or a diagnosis from your local veterinarian.

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How often should I brush my dog?

When it comes to brushing their dog’s hair, many pet owners often wonder, “How often?” In terms of brushing your dog for general purposes, the answer is roughly about every couple of days regardless of coat length.

Which brush should I use?

Since there are many different types and styles of dog brushes and combs available, it’s important to understand the main function of the brush you’re planning to use.

The brush should be specific to your dog’s coat type and purpose for brushing him whether it is for general purposes or detangling. Some common brushes modified according to coat types and purposes may include:

Bristle Brushes

These brushes can be used for any type of coat. They consist of different spacings between the bristles and various bristle sizes and durability options.

Wire-Pin Brushes

Wire-pin brushes are commonly used for brushing medium- to long-haired coats in addition to curly and woolly coats.

Slicker Brushes

These brushes are typically used to remove tangles or mats from your dog’s hair. These types of brushes can be identified by their fine wire bristles. If the knots on your dog are too big or are on sensitive areas, such as the ears or underbelly, you may need to ask a professional dog groomer to do it for you to avoid causing harm or discomfort.

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Brushing and combing your canine companion on a regular basis is vital in keeping his coat and skin looking good. Remember to brush all of the hair, as many dogs have more than one coat. Whether beginning at the head or tail end of your dog, either is perfectly fine as long as you are thorough, working from one end to the other.

Remember, regular dog brushing is an important part of keeping your dog both healthy and happy. Make the experience fun and positive for both of you!

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