Protect Your Pets from Fleas

Flea Control: When Natural Doesn’t Work Anyone who owns a cat or a dog must deal with fleas. They not only make your pets miserable, they bite people, too, causing annoying itchy bumps. Fleas prefer warm, humid conditions, which means they are seasonal in cold climates but are a problem all year round in the Southeast and Southwest. Dogs bring fleas into the house from … [Read more...]

Dog and Equestrian Relationships

Dog and Horse

Dog and Equestrian Relationships It’s difficult to find a horse owner who doesn’t also live with at least one dog. Horses and dogs are a natural combination. If you love horses, chances are you love dogs, too. Although dogs and horses can often become great friends, danger is inherent whenever these two species come together. The sheer size of a horse, combined with its … [Read more...]

Benefits of Hugging Your Cat

Hug Your Cat

Hug Your Cat Did you know that June 4 is officially Hug Your Cat Day? It’s the purrfect oppurrtunity to celebrate the power of the purr. It’s actually been scientifically proven that cats are good for us. Research done at the University of Minnesota deduced that cat owners are 40 percent less likely to have a heart attack. There is no question that if you have had a … [Read more...]

Canine First Aid


Being prepared with CPR could help save your dog's life. By Audrey Pavia Scenario: Your dog is sick or injured. What do you do? The first thought for most dog owners is to rush him to a veterinarian. But steps you take before you get to the animal hospital can mean the difference between life and death. April is Pet First-Aid Awareness month; making it a good time … [Read more...]

All-Natural Flea Control for Pets


How to keep pets at bay all year long By Stacy Mantle You don’t have to share your home with pets to find yourself falling victim to a flea infestation, but the chances of you seeing fleas are a lot higher with pets. While chemical-based flea repellents are the easiest way to treat, they are also the most dangerous method and [could] pose a risk to you, your pets and … [Read more...]