Fun and Fabulous Pet Products


StarWalk™ is an app-based activity-monitoring device for dogs that is designed to motivate you to spend more time with your dog to achieve health and fitness goals. In addition to reporting a dog’s daily activity, the devise also has a blinking reminder feature, allowing you to set alerts to remind you of veterinarian visits, when to administer medication, doggy play dates as … [Read more...]

When Nighttime Becomes Playtime for Your Cats

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Nocturnal Mischief Makers What to do when your cats turn into hyperactive night owls. It’s 3.00 am. All is quiet in my neighborhood except for the hooting of an owl in nearby bush, which, believe me, is much better than having a bullfrog croaking in the creek. (That sounds like mechanical machinery gone awry.) Suddenly it sounds as though there is a herd of elephants … [Read more...]

Help Your Local Shelter

Shelter Dogs Awaiting Their Forever Home

Rescue, Adopt and Support There are myriad ways to help the homeless dogs and cats in your community. If you are a pet lover, your heart aches for homeless dogs and cats. You wish you could take them all in and give them the love they deserve. While it’s impossible to save them all personally, you can do a lot to help dogs- and cats-in-need find good homes by lending a … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Cat Won’t Use the Litterbox

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Dealing with Cat Litterbox Issues There are several solutions to a seemingly insurmountable problem. One of the beauties of cat ownership is that nobody has to be housetrained or walked. From day one, cats instinctively seek out sandy areas to eliminate in, which you can easily provide in the form of litterboxes full of quality litter. No whining at the door to go out, … [Read more...]

Simple Steps to Training Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

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Walk This Way How to train your dog to behave properly when on a leash. One of the most important skills you can teach a dog is training her to walk on a leash. Proper leash etiquette helps ensure that should anything happen to you; your pet will more easily be adopted and treated well in a new home. Beyond that “worst case” scenario, it’s important for your own sanity … [Read more...]