Dogs Offer Us Daily Lessons on Life

Benefits of Having a Dog

Dogs Keep Teaching Us By Ava Olsen From puppy to senior, canines offer life lessons daily. What is cuter than a puppy, cute enough to melt your heart with a single look and make all the work and effort worthwhile. When you get a puppy you sign on for a hurricane of joy and enthusiasm. Constant activity followed by crashes into deep, deep sleep and then reawakening … [Read more...]

Great Products for Dogs and Cats

Pet Products

Nifty New Pet Products Muttluks Mud Monsters and Snow Mushers boots are made for walking, hiking, rugged terrain, snow, ice and extreme heat or cold. Made with 100 percent recycled rubber, the unique flexible soles with traction treads incorporate “barefoot” technology that makes the boots “pawsitively” comfortable for dog paws. Mud Monsters are a rugged summer boot with a … [Read more...]

November is Pet Diabetes Month

November Pet Diabetes Month

Living with a Diabetic Pet By Stacy Mantle Thanks to treatment improvements, the disease is now very manageable. November is Pet Diabetes Month and as this is a disease that affects nearly every species, it’s important for pet owners to know a little about it. All types of animals, from ferrets to cats and humans to dogs, can develop diabetes. To understand the … [Read more...]

How You Can Help Your Local Shelter

Animal Shelter

Helping Rescues and Shelters By Audrey Pavia Do what you can: adopt, volunteer, donate, spread the word. Every year, nearly 7.6 million cats and dogs end up in U.S. animal shelters; only half of those animals find homes; the other half is euthanized, according to the ASPCA. This means approximately 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats are destroyed in shelters every … [Read more...]

Black Cats Need Love Too

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black is the New Cat By Sandy Robins It’s time to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day. I know, I know. Another pet related day to celebrate on the calendar. Yet, Black Cat Appreciation Day on November 16 is truly something to celebrate. Sadly, black cats (and dogs) are far less likely to be adopted from shelters than cats of any other fur colors or combinations. … [Read more...]