Fila Brasileiro Grooming

Fila Brasileiro

Grooming the Fila Brasileiro With the power of a Mastiff, the working ability of a Bloodhound and the tenacity of a Bulldog, the Fila Brasileiro is a breed that requires a dog owner as formidable as it is. This versatile breed can track, herd and control livestock as well as hold large game at bay with its immense power. Filas are also often used as guard dogs due to … [Read more...]

Trimming Cat Nails

Cat Nails

Clipping Your Cat's Claws Most people who have cats don't think about clipping their cat’s claws, but in some cases, it's a good idea. This is especially true for house cats who use furniture or the carpet to sharpen their nails. What are Cat Claws Made of? Cat claws are made of keratin, which is a protein. The outer layer of the nail consists of dead keratin, which is … [Read more...]

Hairballs in Cats

Hairballs in Cats

Cat Hairball Remedy Cats are fastidious groomers as we all know. When a cat grooms, the tiny, hook-like structures on the tongue catch loose or dead fur, which the cat then swallows. For the most part, this fur is passed through the digestive tract without incident, but some of the fur may stay in the stomach, developing into a hairball. Since this hairball must pass … [Read more...]

Doberman Pinscher Grooming

Doberman Pinscher

Grooming Doberman Pinschers Despite being a smooth-coated dog, Doberman Pinschers who compete in conformation go through regular clipping and trimming. Although the grooming procedures are nowhere near as extensive as those for long-coated breeds, these small steps will make a big difference in your Doberman’s look. Even if your Dobie does not compete in conformation, try … [Read more...]

West Highland White Terrier Grooming

West Highland White Terrier

Grooming Your Westie By Colleen Riley Springtime is the right time to groom your West Highland White Terrier, as it will give her a comfortable amount of hair in the warm days ahead. West Highland Terriers can get two different types of haircuts. You can hand strip them or use clippers. Professional dog groomers typically do hand stripping for show dogs. However, … [Read more...]