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Animal Behavior College Reputation

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Animal behavior College has been in the animal career industry for nearly 20 years. Check out what the media is saying about us as well as our graduates.

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Pet Boarding and Daycare | November 2019

Pet boarding and daycare employees encounter a significant number of behavioral challenges from their canine clients, especially aggression. In this article, Steven Appelbaum, ABC's president, explains the five causes of aggression and offers solutions on how to handle it.

PetAge | November 2019

Sharon Callan, ABCDT, recues dogs from kill shelters and trains them to be service dogs for veterans. She founded a nonprofit in 2015, Shelter Dogs for Veterans.

PetAge | November 2019

Animal Behavior College congratulates Allison Cohen, winner of the Andis Groom Nation Scholarship. As the winner, Allison will receive paid tuition to the school’s Pet Grooming Program.

Pet Business | November 2019

Andis announced the winner of its Groom Nation Scholarship. The winner won a scholarship to Animal Behavior College's pet groomer program.

Cedar Valley Business Monthly | November 2019

This feature is about Roxy Anderson, ABCDT, who recently opened a finishing school for dogs in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Using positive reinforcement, she teaches dog training as well as doga- yoga. Doga-yoga involves stretching exercises to build core body strength and balance in canines.

Cardinal Pet | October 2019

ABC's Certified Dog Trainer Directory is the subject of Cardinal Pet Care's blog as well as 4 tips on how to choose a dog trainer.

ABC News | October 2019

Like their human companions, cats and dogs also can experience loss and grieving especially after the passing of a fellow four-legged brother or sister. Sydney Warner, ABCDT, was interviewed in a TV-news segment offering tips on how to recognize subtle signs your pet is grieving and ways to comfort and support them through the process.

Pet Life Radio - Unleashed | October 2019

Changing careers after age 50 can be scary, but Estela Marroquin welcomed the challenge. She became a certified Animal Behavior College Veterinary Assistant at age 67 and shared her story and offered tips to career changers during an interview on Pet Life Radios' Unleashed podcast.

Ozaukee Press | September 2019

Scott Timm, ABCDT, is featured in an article about his dog training busines, Ikon K-9 Obedience. This month marks its one-year anniversary.

Pet Product News | September 2019

The mobile pet grooming industry is growing as busy pet owners and home bound seniors pay more to enjoy the convenience of having grooming services brought to their doorstep. Keli Fritz, ABCPG, discusses this trend and why pet owners should ensure the pet groomers they hire have professional certification.

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