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Tip of the Month

1/9/2013 Winter Grooming for your Dog

Keep Your Dog Warm

Since cold weather and winter go hand-in-hand for most of the country, there are key factors to keep in mind when grooming your pet during the chilly season. First, you should let your dog’s hair grow longer to keep her warm when she goes outside. This is especially important if Fifi is an indoor apartment pet. Also, some dogs, such as small breeds or elderly dogs, are more affected by the cold. All dogs, especially city dwellers, need to get outside once in a while. Here are a few tips to ensure your dog is prepared for cold weather.

Keep Grooming Your Dog In The Winter

Letting your pet’s hair grow doesn’t mean you stop grooming Fifi on a regular basis. However, winter grooming needs are different. You need to make sure your dog is used to being brushed with its longer hair or double coat. While the longer or thicker the coat means more protection from the cold, it also requires more work to keep it clean and neat. Explain your needs to your groomer and he or she will groom accordingly.

Check Their Toes

Another tip is to tend to the area between the toes. If there is snow and ice on the ground, it can accumulate on the hair between the toes and create icy pellets. These can irritate your dog and be painful for her. Discuss this with your groomer as well.

Plan Ahead with Your Groomer

Since longer fur might require extra grooming, there is a chance your regular groomer gets very busy during the cold months. To make sure you get in, schedule your appointment far in advance. When you drop your dog off, explain what you want done and write it down for your busy groomer. For instance, if you or Fifi is allergic to a certain shampoo, your groomer might greatly appreciate a written reminder. This can help you and your dog avoid any unpleasant effects an exotic shampoo might cause.

Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Winter doesn’t have to be a stressful time of the year for you and your dog. Just make sure your dog is comfortable and happy when she goes out and romps around in the snow. Be sure to adjust grooming needs for the weather, such as making advance appointments and be very specific and clear with the groomer regarding anything you want done or not done to your pet.

By Colleen Riley

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