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2/25/2010 Pets and Fire Safety

Pets & Fire Safety

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Accidentally leaving the oven on, or letting a candle burn without supervision is a common mistake, but when it comes to your pets, that mistake could turn deadly. According to ADT Security Services, nearly 500,000 pets perish in house fires each year, due to the fact that most pet owners, whether they are well-versed in dog obedience or not, are unaware of how to keep their animals safe from fire. In honor of Pet Fire Safety Day, which takes place on July 15th, the National Volunteer Fire Council urges all pet owners to take the necessary precautions. There are several ways in which a responsible pet owner can be prepared in case of a household fire. Each of these methods is useful, whether you are with your dog, or he is home alone.

Turn Off Appliances

One of the leading causes of house fires is leaving cooking food and electrical appliances unattended, chiefly space heaters, as they can ignite flammable materials if they are left running for too long. Dogs are often curious about fire, and can endanger themselves when left near open flames unattended. Be sure to turn off all of your appliances and extinguish open flames before you leave your home, and regularly monitor them when they are running.

Escape Plan

In addition to creating escape routes for the two-legged members of your family, you should also be sure to take precautions for the four-legged ones. Having an escape route planned in case of emergency is crucial to the safety of your family, and your pet. In order to prevent your dog from being trapped in the event of fire, consider installing a doggie door, for a quick and easy escape. This is especially useful if he is home alone when the emergency occurs, and you can be assured that he is capable of escaping if you are not around to help him.

Smoke Alarm Training

Testing your smoke alarms is also an important factor in fire safety, and you can employ the use of dog training to assist you in creating escape routes with the help of smoke alarms by teaching your dog to run outside when the alarm goes off. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, and have their batteries replaced annually. Dogs become frightened and confused in event of an emergency, so it is important to use obedience training tactics to help them in this difficult time.

Pet Alert Signs

One of the most important ways to ensure the safety of your pets in a fire when you are not home is by installing a pet alert window cling. Window clings allow you to list the number of pets that you have, and firefighters can recognize them, and rescue your pets from the flames.

Use these tips to ensure that your dog will be taken care of in case of a fire-related emergency.

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