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Animal Behavior College Reputation

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Animal behavior College has been in the animal career industry for nearly 20 years. Check out what the media is saying about us as well as our graduates.

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Pet Age Magazine | July 2017

Animal Behavior College announced it is accepting applications for enrollment in the college's fall 2017 Certified Dog Trainer In-Classroom Program. The five-month program, which begins on September 18, 2017, and concludes on February 23, 2018, will be held at the school's headquarters, located at 25104 Rye Canyon Loop, Santa Clarita, California.

Pet Age Magazine | July 2017

Andis Company, educator and maker of small and large animal grooming tools, is now accepting applications for its Andis Groom Nation Scholarship to the Animal Behavior College grooming program. Continuing a commitment to education, in an expanded partnership with ABC, Andis will offer a new enrollment scholarship to the school's Certified Pet Grooming Program. Prospective students will receive the training needed to transform their passion into a profession and jumpstart the next chapter of their career.

Pet Age Magazine | April 2017

Animal Behavior College announced that Andis Company, a Sturtevant, Wisconsin-based manufacturer of handheld tools used to trim, cut, curl, straighten and dry hair, has elevated its Silver-level sponsorship to Gold-level Plus, ABC's highest sponsorship level, for the school's certified Grooming Instruction Program (GIP). Andis will also award two "Rising Star Grooming Scholarships" of $3,200 each to be used for the cost of tuition to enroll in GIP. The award, which will be disbursed consecutively during the second and third calendar quarters this year, will be given to two aspiring grooming students who are not currently enrolled in the college and desire to embark on a dog grooming career.

Pet Age Magazine | April 2017

Cat owners face some of the same behavioral challenges as their canine counterparts. Frustrating behaviors, such as aggression, biting, scratching and having accidents in the house, have led many to seek expert advice. With more than 40 percent of dog owners also having cats, professional dog trainers have seen an increased demand for feline behavior counseling services. Due to these facts and that there are 85.8 million cats in the United States kept as pets, according to the 2015-2016 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Owners Survey, Animal Behavior College will introduce a core Cat Training Program this April.

Pet Age Magazine | January 2017

For the second year in a row, WAHL Clipper Corporation will be a gold-level sponsor for Animal Behavior College's Grooming Instruction Program (GIP), the school announced today. The sponsorship renewal is effective immediately. | January 2017

Animal Behavior College's Steven Appelbaum, offers tips to dog owners to help them prepare for Halloween night:

If you're planning on taking your dog trick-or-treating, you're sure to run into all sorts of people wearing costumes that your dog may find threatening. Some trick-or-treaters may even want to pet your dog. Help prepare your dog for these types of interactions with obedience training, says Steven Appelbaum, president and CEO of Animal Behavior College in Santa Clarita, Calif.

Pet Age Magazine | December 2016

Americans work long hours and keep busy schedules. For dog owners, being away from home for long and extended periods presents many challenges. Who will feed, walk and care for their four-legged friend? These anxious owners are turning to doggy day care centers to fill the void. In fact, the increased demand for dog day care has presented lucrative opportunities for pet lovers who want to start a business. To meet this increased demand, Animal Behavior College is offering a new "Doggie Day Care Short Term Program" in the first quarter of 2017.

Pet Product News International | December 2016

Animal Behavior College's Dog Obedience Program students with full scholarships. The scholarship recipients, Leslie Bussinger of Colfax, Calif., and Portia E. Scott of Florissant, Mo., were selected for how well they explained their achievement goals and their commitment to strengthening the bond between dog owners and their pets.

Pet Age Magazine | December 2016

Why do some people aspire to be professional dog trainers? What do they want to achieve? This was the subject of Animal Behavior College's 2016 Coastal Pet Products scholarship essay contest. The scholarship, which is sponsored by Coastal Pet Products Inc., a pet product manufacturer, provided two ABC Dog Obedience Program students with full scholarships.

Pet Age Magazine | August 2016

What steps do you take to keep your salon safe, not just for the pets entrusted in your care but also for you and your employees?

A safe work environment is crucial to successful operation. Each staff member needs to be trained in the salon's policies and procedures, and it starts when the first client walks through the door.

Safety Guidelines
Earlier this year, Andis Company announced a partnership with Animal Behavior College (ABC). ABC certifies professional dog obedience trainers, pet groomers and veterinary assistants.

Pet Product News International | March 2016

"Not only is ABC a leader in grooming education, they are the perfect partner for helping us to reach new and established professional groomers with Andis' industry-leading education and tools," said Karen Formico, Andis' vice president of marketing. "Andis looks forward to building career-long partnerships with ABC groomers who graduate from the GIP."

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