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One-Stop-Shop Doggie Daycare Owners - Joy Irizarry, ABCDT and Edgar Rivera, ABCDT

Media & PR Contact
  Angela Peña, Director of Media and Public Relations
  888-338-7778 (direct)
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 : 3:10:47 PM
Joy Irizarry and Edgar Rivera have not only shared a great relationship but also a common dream of owning their own business. Although they weren’t quite sure what it would be, the couple always knew their goal involved owning their own business. Little did they know that Animal Behavior College (ABC) would help them achieve their dreams.

Before becoming ABC Certified Dog Trainers, Joy worked as a manager for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Edgar was a design engineer. It took getting two Miniature Pinschers to get them on the road to founding their own business. Joy and Edgar became immensely involved with their dogs, they attended doggie social groups, went to the park everyday and met a lot of new people as a result of their new dogs. After realizing how much this fulfilled their lives, Joy and Edgar knew their business would have to involve dogs.

After doing some research, Joy and Edgar both decided to enroll at Animal Behavior College (ABC). “ABC’s program was flexible enough to allow us to study from the home on the internet, and it also allowed us do hands-on training,” said Joy. They absolutely loved learning about canine behavior, and as they progressed through the program, their realization that their dream business would involve dog training was only strengthened with each passing day.

While completing the home-study portion of the ABC curriculum, Joy and Edgar had an epiphany -- they decided they would open their own one-stop-shop doggie daycare business in their home country of Puerto Rico. They were both prepared to move back to their home country and wanted to start their own business upon moving into in their new home.

As they studied the ABC curriculum, Joy and Edgar worked on their business plan. The curriculum was extremely informative; in fact, they still use it as a reference to this day when working with clients. Not only did they learn everything they needed to know about dog training, but they also used the business building stage of the curriculum to guide them as they founded their own company. The ABC curriculum acted not only as an educational tool, but also as a permanent reference that Joy and Edgar use in their dog training career.

After they finished the in-home study portion of the ABC program, it was time for Joy and Edgar to work with a Mentor Trainer to apply all they had learned in the home-study portion of the program through hands-on training. Joy and Edgar met with their Mentor Trainer every week and worked together with the homeless dogs at a local animal shelter. “The shelter training was the best thing that happened to us,” said Joy. “It gave us a whole new experience of working with rescued dogs; it allowed us to study them before we interacted with them in real life situations.”

As their doggie daycare gets closer and closer to being officially open for business, Joy and Edgar are becoming increasingly excited about their new careers and lives in Puerto Rico. In fact, while setting up their business in Puerto Rico, they have already acquired five dog training clients! Joy gladly boasted that one hundred percent of their consultations have come back and ended up as clients.

Joy says that a lot of her new clients have never tried using positive motivation training techniques. She and Edgar utilize the gentle and humane methods of training that they learned throughout the ABC curriculum. She also attributes their success to their certification. “The selling point has been that we are certified, balanced trainers -- clients are impressed right from the get-go when they find out.”

The ABC program inspired Joy and Edgar to follow their dreams, and they have not only managed to follow through on them but have exceeded their expectations as well. They are now successful dog trainers with their own business and they are loving every minute of it. Joy describes the feeling she gets when working with clients: “I love to see the clients’ eyes when they see success in their dogs. I love the satisfaction.”