ABC Certified Dog Trainer Database

Virginia Dog Trainers
Emily Cayton, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Aylett, Virginia 23009
Phone: 804-512-9069
Profile: ABCDT Certified Trainer
Michele Jett, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Midlothian, Virginia 23114
Phone: 804-307-6586
Profile: Located in the Richmond, VA area, specifically Midlothian. I work with all dogs from puppies to adult newly adopted. I have worked with dogs for 20 years with an eye toward behavior issues and special needs. As a volunteer for several no kill rescues, I do home visits and adoption sight training.
Wesley Jeffries, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Staunton, Virginia 24401
Phone: 540-292-3103
Profile: I do private lessons by appointment only.
Kelli Parker, APDT, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406
Phone: (540) 737-8618
Profile: Bully Brigade & ALL Training

Certified AKC S.T.A.R.
Puppy & Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator
Puppy Power (10 weeks-11 months)Group Lessons $195.00,
Private Lessons $475.00, (1) Private Lesson $90.00

Little Rascals (1-year-old & older)
Group Lessons $200.00
Private Lessons $525.00,
Private Lesson $100.00

The B.R.I.G. Behavior Readjustment Incorporated Gently-(ALL Ages)
Consultation $100.00,
2-week session $300.00
5-week sessions $575.00

Effective Pack Leader (recommended for rescue & re-homed dogs)
Consultation $100.00, 3 week sessions $250

AMPED Dog Walking Services"Walk This Way"

1 Dog 5 day package, $220.00,
10 day package $310.00 & 20 day package $500.00

"Who Let the Dogs?"- 2 or more dogs in the same household 5 days package $240.00,
10 day package $325.00
20 day package $525.00

Paw Consulting ($35.00 per hour) Designed for individuals & families seriously considering adopting a canine will receive a consultation & go through our 4 step process to ensure the proper canine is selected for the lifestyle of the individual or family & ALL are aware of the responsibilities that come along with being a pet parent.

Visits Rescues ONLY (Free)
Private Lessons ONLY**
Rose Ferguson, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Newport News, Virginia 23608
Phone: 757-817-2878
Profile: I can train any type and size of dog. It is never too late to teach dogs. I focus on private lessons and home visits. I train service dogs and obedience to all dogs. I am willing to drive to a bit of a distance to train your dogs. I love what I do and will train your dog on a more balanced approach with treats and praise. There is no dog I have not been able to train. A trained dog is a healthy dog both mentally and physically. I am a certified dog trainer and I am very eager to help you and your dog become more balanced and obedient.
Rachel R. Wainright, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
Profile: Working with dogs makes me a better and happier person! I teach a puppy obedience class at the VBSPCA for dogs ages 6 months and younger. Working on basic obedience and good manners is the primary focus but we also have a little fun with some agility equipment!

Email me and let me know if you have any needs or questions about dog training!
Kimmi Dillon, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Phone: 757-567-7329
Profile: I am a dog trainer and animal advocate. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and owner. Without professional training assistance, it can sometimes be a frustrating experience, but with an investment in good training techniques, it can be a wonderful one!

In 2005 my family went through a traumatic experience when our home caught fire and our 2 dogs were home alone at the time. Thanks to great neighbors and a quick response from the Fire Department both dogs were pulled out without injury! However after that experience, and being displaced from their home, the dogs started to develop behavior problems due to PTSD and their world being turned upside down. Through working with a trainer and going through the long process of rehabilitating my dogs I found the joy of Dog Training and wanted to show others just how enjoyable it really is!

I've worked with MANY dogs before whose owners had varying levels of needs, and always very successfully. Having worked with dogs and their owners for many years, there is nothing which satisfies me more than to see a happy dog and a happy owner!

Our programs have a few different options to choose from based on your preferences, so the best way to get all the details (including price options) is to come visit. That way you can get to know me, tell me more about your dog, and find out all the info.

I hope I get the opportunity to meet you and your dog(s) real soon, but if not just remember to make sure that both you and your dog are comfortable with your Trainer because although we are called Dog Trainers our job is actually to Teach you how to Train your dog!
Kim Phillips, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Leesburg, Virginia 20175
Phone: (239) 410-7710
Profile: St. Jude's Canine Academy

**We are now an AKC approved CGC Evaluator**

Just as St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, intercedes for the hopeless, St. Jude's Canine Academy strives to reduce the rate of euthanasia in dogs by providing positive reinforcement training to all dogs, especially those believed untrainable, thus reducing the number of dogs re-homed, surrendered to shelters, and returned to shelters.

St. Jude's offers fully customized programs as well as group classes in New Rescue, Obedience, Problem Solving as well as AKC Star Puppy, AKC CGC, and AKC Community Canine. St. Jude's Canine Academy specializes in the needs of rescued dogs.

Christina Todd, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 571-969-7297
Profile: Christina Todd is a professional dog trainer in Fairfax Virginia.

I love helping families turn frustration with their pets into joy. Training is a game everyone can play, even with the busiest of schedules.

I can show you how. Christina is an operational dog trainer/handler using positive reinforcement to train dogs.

She trains one lab mix, Rain. She is a member of APDT and an Animal Behavior College certified dog trainer.
Sarah Brackett, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Newport News, Virginia 23608
Phone: (757)592-5274
Profile: I am a retired military wife with three children. I love working with dogs of all kinds. They are our best friends which is why I work to help bridge the communication gap between dogs and people.

I do basic obedience, behavior, and puppy training. I come to your home to train your dog or puppy so that they can understand you and you can understand them.
Kris Carey, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Alexandria, Virginia 22311
Phone: 973-641-2637
Profile: Sit On Cue isn't your average dog training service.

Our goal is to help you establish and maintain a healthy and everlasting bond between you and your dog.

Our focus is training dog owners to teach their four-legged friend cues for good behavior and doggie manners by using positive reinforcement training methods.

Obedience and specialty training services are offered through private or group sessions.

Additional services include nutrition education, problem behavior management, behavior modification, dog adoption concierge and Dog Parenting 101 (for new dog owners).
Lisa Marino, PMCT, CPDT-KA, ABC Honors Graduate, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Winchester, Virginia 22602
Phone: 414-881-0779
Profile: Offers:
*Puppy Kindergarten
*Basic Polite Pooch
*Level 2
*AKC CGC and Star Puppy
*Trick Shaping
*Intro to Rally
WAG IT Games
Puppy Agility
*Pet Partner Therapy
*APDT "My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S." testing
*Puppy Socialization
*Private Lessons
*Behavior Modification
Randy Mouri, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fairfax, Virginia 22033
Phone: 571-244-7049
Alternate Phone: 703-263-9175
Profile: Our goal is to help you create a better line of communication with your dog through reward-based training techniques. The ability to communicate effectively with your dog empowers you to enhance and bring balance to your relationship.

Dog training is a simple concept, but it does require proper practice, patience and consistency. Allow Balance Dog Training to coach you through the proper mechanics and timing needed, so dogs will understand what you are asking of them.

We look forward to the opportunity and privilege to work with you and your dog.
Jennifer Pennington CPDT-KA, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 571-969-7297
Profile: Jennifer Pennington CPDT-KA is a professional dog trainer in Fairfax Virginia.

I love helping families turn frustration with their pets into joy.

I have worked with exotic animals and pets professionally for over a decade. Training is a game everyone can play, even with the busiest of schedules.

I can show you how. Jennifer uses positive reinforcement to train dogs, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Jennifer even trained crocodiles!

Jennifer is an operational dog trainer/handler with the oldest and largest search and rescue organization on the east coast.

She trains two Belgian Malinois dogs, Grom and Molniya. She is a member of APDT, PPG and IAABC and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer CPDT-KA.
Morgan Cameron, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Norfolk, Virginia 23505
Phone: 207-717-9495
Profile: Hello! My name is Morgan Cameron and I am an ABC certified dog trainer. I am 22, born and raised in Maine where I met my husband who plays piano in the Navy Band so our location can change anytime.

We live with our rescue Border Collie mix, Alpine, who has inspired me so much in my journey to becoming a trainer. She is my first personal dog and I love her to pieces! She has taught so much about training and is the reason why I became a trainer.

I have worked with many dogs in private and group lessons all using Positive Reinforcement methods. My ABC externship took place at my local shelter, PAWS, where I worked with countless dogs and have continued to train and volunteer there once my externship had ended because it's so fun. It's such a wonderful experience working with the shelter and trying to give these dogs a better chance at finding their forever homes.

Outside of training, my other job and lifelong passion are freelance art. My paintings/drawings have a strong focus on animals which is fitting because I grew up on a farm surrounded by them and as a kid wishing I was one!

I worked with mostly horses, riding and training in dressage and trail riding while growing up. When I moved away and no longer had my horses around, I took to working with dogs immediately and have loved every bit of it!

I hope to grow immensely as a trainer and submerge myself into the canine community for years to come!

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to email me or send me a message on my page at:
Sheri DeCasper, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Haymarket, Virginia 20169
Phone: 703-999-5548
Profile: I enjoy and respect dogs and working with people that want to learn how to communicate with or understand their dogs.

I have worked with behavior problems and obedience training and the best part of this is when you see the person and dog connect on a different level, both of them giving to the relationship.

I truly believe dogs want to contribute in every part of our lives and if we show them how. they will show us how to look at life differently
Angelika Quarterman, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fairfax, Virginia 22032
Phone: 703-220-0069
Profile: I love all animals, mainly dogs and I am interested in helping owners with their dogs, especially shelter dogs.

I own four rescued dogs and I have experience with all kinds of breeds.

My training methods are fun-based using positive reinforcement only.

I do in-home training.Just contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you and your dog!
Terri Sallas, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Zuni, Virginia 23898
Phone: 757-647-5476
Alternate Phone: 757-242-6432
Profile: My Name is Terri Sallas. I have taught group classes and private lessons since 2012. I have opened K-9 Pawsibilities, LLC. Professional Dog Training Facility in Zuni, Va. at 5495 Windsor Blvd.

I teach group classes consisting of obedience, agility, nose works, carting, drafting, and a Kids and k-9s class teaching children ages 4-10 how to interact with dogs, treat dogs, take care of dogs, and how to walk dogs.

Besides group classes, I also offer home visits and I work at the local shelter teaching basic obedience to dogs in hopes of helping them find a forever home.

I also work with Save Our Herders Outreach SOHO. I foster herding dogs and give them basic training in hopes of helping them find forever homes.
Steffanie Tozer, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Gloucester, Virginia 23061
Phone: 804-824-6273
Profile: Hello, my name is Steffanie Tozer and I am a Certified ABC Dog Obedience Instructor. I train obedience for Perfect Paws Pet Training in Virginia which currently has training locations in Gloucester, Williamsburg, and Yorktown! I also provide private lessons as well!
Linda Horn, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Phone: 703-629-5579
Profile: I am currently taking new clients at the Petco Chantilly location.
David Jones, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
King George, Virginia 22485
Phone: 540 220 7070
Profile: I only train shelter dogs.
Kaitlin Radebaugh, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Newport News, Virginia 23604
Profile: Hello! My name is Kaitlin and I am a certified Canine Educator and pet food nutrition specialist.

I have been a trainer since 2009, and I do not discriminate against any breed or age. I will train any dog that needs my help. I have a flexible schedule that includes night classes, as well as the weekend.

No matter if you need assistance with potty training, basic commands, or aggression issues, I am here to help! Whatever challenges you are facing, or if you just want to prevent challenges from occurring, please contact me.

Train. Play. And always Love!
-Kaitlin Radebaugh, ABCDT
Dawn Kalinowski, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Norfolk, Virginia 23503
Phone: 757-705-7286
Profile: I believe in fostering harmony between pets and their owners through the use of relationship building and modern reward-based training. I have worked with dogs of various breeds, and I specialize in working with shelter/rescue dogs and their families.

I offer group and private lessons in all levels of dog and puppy good manners, canine good citizen training (CGC) and behavior modification.
Amber Foy, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Norfolk, Virginia 23503
Phone: 518-573-9797
Profile: Inactive at this time.
Shera Beck, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Arlington, Virginia 22209
Phone: 703-795-4845
Profile: Please check out my website for more information!
Rose Silva, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Springfield, Virginia 22151
Phone: 703-568-4092
Profile: I have over 9 yrs experience training dogs. I love to bring the best out in your family pet.

In home dog training. I come to you! Basic obedience, new puppy orientation, potty training, and problem-solving. Free phone and E-mail support provided.

I come to your home and work together with you to help everyone enjoy your family pet. I help you love everything about your dog.
Sarah Miller, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Richmond, Virginia 23224
Profile: I have a love of animals and this led me to become a trainer. I enjoyed working with my mentor trainer, but at this time, I do not feel that I am ready to teach my own classes.

I hope to continue working with animals and to further my knowledge of training them.
Danelle Hughes, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Lynchburg, Virginia 24502
Phone: 334/-329-3839
Profile: I am working part time with another local ABC trainer and providing one-on-one in home training. Training ranges from basic obedience to correcting behavior issues to advanced training to include canine good citizen training.
Ines de Pablo, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Reston, Virginia 20190
Profile: To learn more about me please visit my site at
Sabria Toussaint, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Burke, Virginia 22015
Phone: 5714220189
Alternate Phone: 5714220189




Michele Fisher, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 703-237-5522
Alternate Phone: 703-932-8136
Profile: My service offers training (Private lessons in your home and at my facility, group class and training while boarding or for Day Care), cage free boarding, dog day care, in home pet sitting, bathing, and in home daily dog walking. I have been in the animal field since 1988, and I have owned my business since 1994.

CGC Certified and a member of the APDT, PSI, and IACP!
Christine Bangs, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407
Phone: 540-891-6696
Profile: Retrieving Dreams (K-9 Good Behavior Training)

Dedicated to ensuring owners and their dogs develop and maintain a quality relationship based on understanding and effective humane communication. Using a gentle training approach, positive reinforcements and teaching the tools to help the owners train their dogs to become a good family member, I believe that the keys to successful training are commitment, consistency, reinforcement and repetition.
Lukas Seiffert, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Richmond, Virginia 23220
Phone: 804-201-0297
Profile: I am originally from Poland and have earned my Masters of Science Biology. Dog training and solving behavior problems was a hobby I turned into a career.

I am working for a kennel as their dog trainer and kennel assistant. Now after graduating from ABC, I wish to help others understand their "man's best friend".
Mary Ann Robertson, ABCDT, CPDT-KA, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Bealeton, Virginia 22712
Phone: 540-439-7297
Alternate Phone: 540-272-0564
Profile: I have worked with animals for almost 30 years. I am a firm believer in positive training and my goal is to help people enjoy living with their pets. Besides being an ABC graduate, I also have a B.S. degree in Animal Science. I am a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer). We have a pet resort and offer boarding, Doggy Daycare, Training, Swimming,
Vicki Keener, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Phone: 540-533-7918
Alternate Phone: 757-925-9458
Profile: Evidence based dog training. Private and semi-private classes. All classes are outdoors.
Summer Thomas, ABCDT, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407
Profile: ABCDT Certified Trainer
Judy McMullen, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Winchester, Virginia 22601
Phone: 540-533-5447
Profile: I currently offer basic obedience in dog owner's homes. Addressing problem behaviors and teaching basic commands to create a happy home environment for all household members is my goal.

Personal lessons in the dog's territory are given one hour at a time for as long as necessary. I will gladly work with puppies or adult dogs.
Andrea Coats, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Phone: 540-551-0994
Profile: Little Red Dog Pet Services

Little Red Dog Pet Services specializes in in-home obedience training and behavior modification.
Tonya Capriotti, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Hopewell, Virginia 23860
Phone: 804-957-9535
Alternate Phone: 804-704-0411
Profile: I am a certified trainer and ABC Graduate.
Charli Yarbrough, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Yorktown, Virginia 23692
Phone: 757-369-8848
Alternate Phone: 757-303-7030
Profile: Luv Paws

I use only positive motivation techniques in training. Offer basic obedience, modification training and treatment plans. Pet sitting, dog walking and boarding available.
Sharon M. Jones, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Norfolk, Virginia 23503
Phone: 757-583-0128
Profile: I have been in love with dogs all my life and now I am able to help dog owners to have that wonderful relationship with their dogs too. Well trained dogs are happy dogs because they stay in loving homes.

Puppy clicker classes, private and group available. Please visit my website.
Nicole Kibler, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Falls Church, Virginia 22041
Phone: 703-593-6340
Profile: An Educated Dog

The services I offer include obedience and behavior modification training. The training method I use is based on positive reinforcement with food lures and rewards. I also provide pet care for dogs and cats.
Dale Ward, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Chesapeake, Virginia 23328
Phone: 757-389-5359
Profile: Dale's Dog Training Academy LLC, Dale Ward, VSPDT, ABCDT, MA, BA.

At Dale's Dog Training Academy, we offer a variety of services focusing on positive reinforcement training techniques.

Whether you are training a new puppy, or just brushing up with your adult dog, we have training options for you.

We offer training for puppies that focuses on socialization, basic cue & fun! For older dogs, sign up for Basic Obedience and learn sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking & more!

We also offer behavior problem-solving services targeted at your dog's specific challenges, whether it's jumping, unruly house behavior, house training, inappropriate chewing, digging or excessive barking, we can help.

Dale Ward has been personally selected by Victoria Stilwell as a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer! Certified Dogs and is a licensed Family Paws Parent Education member.
Steven Jackson, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Sandston, Virginia 23150
Phone: (804) 248-9950
Profile: Steven owns Family Dog Training Services, LLC and currently offers Group and Private In-Home training courses and board and train options. He first began training dogs professionally in 2006!

Group/Private Obedience:
Loose Leash Walking
Leave It
No Jumping
And More....

***Board and Train Options Available

*** Also Obedience with high distractions.

*** Private Problem Solving: - House Breaking, Chewing, Digging, Puppy Nipping, Leash Pulling, Jumping, Barking and other Unruly Behaviors.
Lisa Colon, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Arlington, Virginia 22204
Phone: 571-312-1940
Profile: KissAble Canine, LLC

KissAble Canine, LLC is a dog training company based in the Washington, DC metro area.

Our goal is to provide companion pet guardians a fun and an effective solution for their dog obedience needs. Having a well-mannered dog is no longer a mystery. Discount for rescue dogs.

Dara Lambert, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Bealeton, Virginia 22712
Phone: 877-293-9388
Alternate Phone: 703-293-9388
Profile: The Enlightened Dog

Group classes include puppy basics, basic manners and canine good citizen. Class size is limited to six dogs with lots of individual attention, and are located at two convenient locations in Manassas and Chantilly. I also offer personalized private training and behavior modification in your home. Please visit for more information.
Sue Penn, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
Phone: 805-717-4696
Profile: Profile: I specialize in obedience training, as well as behavior issues; simple to complex issues such as aggression, fear related, separation anxiety, remedial socialization, resource guarding etc. I also do training for those in need of a Service Dog.

Don't have the time to do classes or private instruction? No problem. I also offer Board & Train Services. Leave the training and homework to me, then I show you how to keep your dog's obedience up to speed, as well as how to properly put to use the training I have done.

My training methods are based on science, using only reward based protocols. No pain, fear or intimidation. I will teach you how to have a dog that is happily obedient while being a benevolent leader. I will also show you how to help your dog overcome any issues they may be having, using only current and safe methods.

Puppy/Adult Classes
Problem Solving
Behavior Modification
Private Customized In-Home Training
Shelter/Rescue Transitions
Temperament Testing
Service Dog Training
Board & Train

Steve Gonzalez, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
Phone: 7572189897
Profile: BCT Basic Canine Training

Contact by e-mail for information.
Wanda Fary, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Gloucester, Virginia 23061
Phone: 804-8152394
Profile: b Pawsitive Canine Experience - PCE /b

Every dog is individual and will learn at their own pace; however, owner participation is vital for successful training.

Betsy Thompson, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Manassas, Virginia 20110
Phone: 703-434-1139
Profile: What started out many years ago as a casual interest, has turned into my passion. I offer group and private lessons that focus on positive reinforcement and client education. Puppy, basic, intermediate and advanced levels are available as well as CGC preparation. I'm an AKC CGC Evaluator. I'm a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
Matt Bernier, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Sandston, Virginia 23150
Phone: 804-737-2837
Alternate Phone: 804-878-8348
Profile: DogSpeak

DogSpeak offers positive training for dogs of any age or breed. Training programs designed and tailored for YOUR dog. Other services include pet sitting and walking and basic grooming.
Arthur "Wayne" Denton, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Galax, Virginia 24333
Phone: 1-276-237-0029
Profile: Myo-therapy,massage,stretching,tracking,one one one basic obedience,Puppy socialization,boarding with full private training.behavior problem solving,Experienced-26yrs.
Laura Curry, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22406
Profile: b Refined Canine Dog Training / Not currently offering classes
Mary Bowers, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Bristol, Virginia 24201
Phone: 267-791-9957
Profile: Pup Zen Training

I offer fun family dog training that focuses on keeping a positive and balanced outlook on life. When you combine a healthy attitude with positive training methods success is at your fingertips.
Haley Smith, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
McLean, Virginia 22102
Phone: 571-969-3647
Profile: Sociable Paws, LLC

Sociable Paws, LLC is a dog training company serving the Northern Virginia area. We work with you to help train your puppy or dog using positive motivational methods.

Positive training is a fun and effective way to gain results. Discounts are given for recently rescued dogs.
Jessica White, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fork Union, Virginia 23055
Phone: 434-842-1894
Profile: Offering group classes for basic obedience and private in-home sessions for obedience or common behavioral issues.
Christine Bennett, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Norfolk, Virginia 23503
Profile: R+ force-free training methods only
Darin Sellers, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Vienna, Virginia 22180
Phone: 703-999-3825
Profile: Zenwise K9 is a dog training company devoted to the enrichment of the relationship between pets and their parents. Through a whole-pet approach to dog training, we build a higher understanding of how our dogs learn and develop positive life behaviors.

Incorporating training with positive reinforcement, structured exercise, natural diet, and a whole lot of love, Zenwise K9 puts you on the path to the ultimate experience of wellness for you and your dog. It is truly training for the mind, body, and spirit.
Shelley Kuglin, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Smithfield, Virginia 23430
Phone: (757) 813-0021
Alternate Phone: (757) 813-0083
Profile: ABCDT Certified Trainer
Jennie Duff, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Alexandria, Virginia 22309
Phone: 703-655-2890
Profile: I am a certified dog trainer & honor graduate of Animal Behavior College. Ive been around dogs since I was small, often trying to slip strays home. At present, I have a Siberian Husky & a Boxer. Training my own dogs, working with experienced mentors, & volunteering at the local animal shelter has given me plenty of valuable experience. Upon completion of the excellent studies offered by Animal Behavior College

I was excited to have graduated with honors & become part of their alumni. Now fortunate to be able to offer one-on-one private training in dog obedience and problem-solving, my goal is to help build strong bonds of mutual love & respect between owners and dogs, & of course to get you going on the right paw!
Ellen Broomfield, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Culpeper, Virginia 22701
Phone: 540-829-6665
Profile: Self Service Dog Wash and Dog Training Center. Received Dog Training Certification in 2006.
Donna Proffitt, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Forest, Virginia 24551
Phone: 434-821-3627
Alternate Phone: 434-420-2424
Profile: I opened Learn Play Stay Doggie Resort on Sept. 24th , 2014 . We offer in house suite boarding, grooming and positive reinforcement training . We specialize in puppy, obedience training. We offer group, private, in home training, behavioral training , training your dog at our doggie resort . We soon will offer therapy dog , good canine citizenship, agility and socialization classes. Bring your dog to the doggie resort where they learn play and stay . Upscale luxury boarding with suites , vip room, doggie den with real home like furniture for them to lie on and play on. Our doggie resort is the best home away from home for your furbabies. Let us give you peace of mind with our excellent, clean, loving, and caring doggie resort. Certified dog trainers from Animal Behavior College teach all the classes. Grooming provided by professional groomers. Bring your dog to Learn Play Stay Doggie Resort the best upscale doggie resort in the area!
Andrea Kloppenburg, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Chesapeake, Virginia 233323
Phone: 757-966-2365
Profile: I have lived and loved dogs since as long as I can remember. I decided to get my certificate so I can open up my own No-Kill Animal Shelter and start helping as many dogs as I can. I myself have adopted 3 shelter dogs and fostered many more.
Rhonda Carvell, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Manassas, Virginia 20112
Phone: 703-909-4891
Alternate Phone: 703-791-4375
Profile: My name is Rhonda Carvell

I have a passion for working with animals.It is such a pleasure to help dogs and their owners build a strong relationship with positive obedience training.I am employed part-time with Pet lovers animal hospital as a vet assistant,after completing the course through ABC.I would love to be able to provide you with a fun and rewarding obedience training class.

Chantropo Tanuwidjaja, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Nokesville, Virginia 20181
Phone: 6462629292
Please call or e-mail me for more information.
Lori Treadway, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Aylett, Virginia 23009
Phone: 804-769-7787
Profile: Specializing in Northern Breed dogs.
Working with rescue dogs and adoptive owners for over 5 years.
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Stephens City, Virginia 22655
Phone: 540-333-1401
"Honor Your Dog" dog training, LLC
Profile: I love to work with dogs of all breeds and helping them to become balanced!

"I'm also a certified vet assistant." I offer boarding with obedience training,and or solving behavioral problems,such as aggression & dominance.

I also provide e-collar training to allow dogs to have more freedom during walks & socialization.
Heather Rittiner, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Warrenton, Virginia 20187
Phone: 724-601-6882
Profile: My passion is training people. A dog is only as consistent as his or her owner. Human and animal behavior directly correlates to getting out what you put in.
Jessica Dodt-Escobar, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Moseley, Virginia 23120
Phone: 804-938-9771
Profile: Working to better the lives of dogs and their owners by teaching puppy obedience and care, basic and advance obedience, tricks, as well as, treating minor to moderate behavioral issues.
Terri Moore, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Marshall, Virginia 20116
Phone: 540-229-3515
Profile: I have been teaching dog owners on how to train their puppies/dogs since 2003. It is amazing to watch the dogs come thru class not knowing even how to sit and within five weeks - knows basic obedience. I give group classes in Warrenton, VA. Please contact me about when and where.
Edie Larson, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Maidens, Virginia 23102
Phone: 804-539-7534
Profile: As a dedicated dog rescuer, I have worked with many different types of dogs for over 20 years. I am an honor graduate of the Animal Behavior College Obedience Instructor Training Program.

My "pack" of seven dogs, three horses, and three kitties reminds me every day that training, through positive reinforcement, is an on-going process. Obedience training,solving problem behaviors,private lessons.
Michele Sherman, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23453
Phone: 612-516-9153
Profile: I have worked at two different veterinary clinics as a veterinary technician assistant and veterinary technician. Now as an ABC graduate I have expanded my knowledge of not only dog health but behavior as well. I believe in the power of positive reinforcement and every dogs ability to learn.
Michael Fawcett, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Drakes Branch, Virginia 23937
Phone: 434-547-0699
Alternate Phone: 434-547-0698
Profile: Working hard to educate the public and rehabilitate dogs to place them in forever homes. Forever continuing to further educate myself with the most efficient and up to date techniques in positive dog training methods.
Nikole Brock-Huber, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Poquoson, Virginia 23662
Phone: 814-289-3644
Profile: I am an energetic animal lover with several years of experience in training, dog walking and pet sitting.
Email or call for details.

Excellent references!
Lulu Clarke, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Richmond, Virginia 23227
Profile: Yellow Brick Dogs is a one woman operation serving the Richmond metro area. Lulu, the owner, currently offers private lessons in puppy & adult dog training, behavioral issues, and sport/obedience training.
C. April Franz, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Chesapeake, Virginia 23324
Phone: (860)604-5968
Profile: I am a newly certified trainer. The classes I have are basic obedience, intermediate obedience, and Agility for now. If you are interested please check out my website and email me or call me with any questions you may have.
Becca Ratcliff, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Pembroke, Virginia 24136
Phone: 540-320-1825
Profile: Hi! I'm Becca and a graduate of Animal Behavior College. I am a positive reinforcement trainer that specializes in in-home training of problem behaviors and good manners. I work with everything from unruly puppies to dogs with aggression/reactivity problems to everything in between. I am also the certified trainer on staff at Flying Fur! Dog daycare located in Newport, Va.

Colleen Dermott, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Burke, Virginia 22015
Phone: 703-786-3201
Alternate Phone: 703-786-3201
Profile: My name is Colleen. I am an Army wife and have 2 children. I have 4 dogs (3 are rescues), 2 cats, a rabbit, and 4 birds. I am a certified dog trainer, veterinarian recommended, and an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluator. I offer private training for behavioral issues as well as multiple levels of obedience classes. I am also a trainer with TADSAW (Train a Dog Save a Warrior) where I train service dogs for veterans with PTSD.

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

Dogs are my life both professionally and personally. I am very grateful to say that my job is my hobby and my passion. I love helping as many owners as I can to live a happy and peaceful life with their dogs.

Holly Abate, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Newport News, Virginia 23602
Phone: (210) 419-3470
Profile: I am a graduate from Animal Behavior College Dog Obedience Program. I am currently working at the Petco Newport News Jefferson Ave location. We continue the efforts of Positive Reinforcement training.

I have two dogs who love to train and work with other dogs to assist in their training. Just like people, dogs learn visually as well as verbally. They do best visually, however. I was trained by Perfect Paw Training Facility. I love working with animals and the owners who truly want to have the best lives for their animals.

I have classes from the morning, afternoons, and evening classes as well. Each class is unique to what is needed.
Lisa Clickener, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039
Phone: 5714479247
Profile: My name is Lisa Clickener and I have had a love for animals since I was a little girl. I had many dogs and cats while growing up; I rode horses and helped care for the animals on my dad's farm; I even raised sheep for the 4-H club in high school.

My dog training story begins when my mother was the recipient of a service dog (Bradley) due to her limitations from Parkinson's Disease. I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with the dog trainer and my mother as we learned all the cues and made adjustments to the training as needed. I was so impressed with the trainer's ability to come up with creative solutions to problems and her patience to teach dog and owner how to communicate effectively. I found it fascinating that Bradley knew how to push buttons on command, "get help", and even to pick up a credit card or a pen off the floor. I was intrigued.

Shortly after Bradley came into our lives, our sweet nine-year-old Boxer Layla passed away. My whole family was crushed. Over the following months, we considered when and where we would find another dog to join our clan. As I researched puppy raising , I came across some training videos and something just clicked for me. I realized, at 36 years old, I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up - a dog trainer! Thus began my quest to obtain a formal dog training certification through Animal Behavior College. During my studies, I began fostering dogs for a local rescue organization. I successfully helped to train and find forever homes for several pups and continue to foster for them today. It's a challenging and rewarding position that I love.

Behavior problems are the number one reason dogs are sent to shelters and I am committed to helping owners and dogs understand each other and live harmoniously so that no one would give up on their beloved pet. My training focuses on positive rewards for desired behaviors. This is proven to be the most effective method of obtaining compliance from your pet and I can teach you and your family how to do it!

Doing Private Obedience Training & minor Behavioral Issues

Erin Sanborn, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059
Phone: 508-942-7444
Profile: The owner of the Luck of the Paw is Erin Sanborn. She has worked in the pet industry for five years. Erin has held jobs ranging from veterinary hospitals to doggy daycare and boarding. She is a graduate of Hermitage High School and grew up in Glen Allen, VA. Erin received her BA from Meredith College in Raleigh NC. After many years in the sales and retail industry, Erin's passion to work with animals became a reality. In 2009 she left the world of retail to join her four-legged friends. She received her Certificate as a Pet Dog Trainer from Animal Behavior College in 2013. She has been actively involved in animal rescue programs and shelter groups and currently is a representative for ARPH (Aussie Rescue). Erin currently lives in Glen Allen, Virginia with her two Labrador Retrievers, two rescue cats, and her supportive husband. Our services include Dog Training, Pet Sitting, and Dog Walking

Erin is Canine First Aid and CPR certified. She is also licensed and insured.
Her focus is on methods utilizing POSITIVE reinforcement. Pawsitive Methods = Pawsitive Results !!!
Chrissy Ehlers, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Rileyville, Virginia 22650
Phone: 540-843-0832
Profile: My area of service is Dog Obedience Training for family dogs. I have also been certified in training shelter dogs. My training focuses is to help you to be positive and praising your dog as you both learn.

My partner is my German Shepherd Dog, Aika. Along with her being a great example in class, we have done presentations in schools to bring awareness to children of how special their family dog is.
Rebecca Bolton, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Virginia beach, Virginia 23451
Phone: 570-851-9814
Profile: Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a certified dog trainer with ABC! I have a lot of experience with dogs and I am knowledgeable with every type of training and behavioral problem. I am most experienced with Behavior issues, such as aggression or separation anxiety.

Cesar Milan has taught me a lot that I know now and has inspired me to become the dog trainer that I am today. I am a well-rounded trainer that is not completely one way of training. I am definitely not a compulsive trainer but willing to use a prong collar or e-collar if necessary.

My profession states that I am a dog trainer but I consider myself more of a human trainer because I teach owners how to train their dog(s). Contact me as soon as possible if you want to begin training with your dog! 570-851-9814
Stephanie Hopkins, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Chesterfield, Virginia 23838
Phone: 757-570-3920
Profile: I will be moving to Chesterfield in late 2016, and am planning to begin training once more. Certified in Dog training, experience with restraint and handling dogs during medical exams with a veterinary office.
Barbara Wiggins, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Roanoke, Virginia 24016
Phone: 540-525-8551
Alternate Phone: 540-344-8707
Profile: My name is Barbara Wiggins and I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College where I earned my certification as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. Animal Behavior College (ABC) is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education and is an internationally recognized school. My year long commitment to this program has provided me with a formal education in canine obedience training and understanding behavior and its motives. My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog while keeping alive the spark that makes your dog so special to you.

Puppy life skills class 8-20 weeks, teenager life skills class 21wks-18months, Basic obedience, Advanced obedience, Reactive Rover class, Loose Leash walking class, Private consults
Michelle Daikos, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
Phone: 7572307960
Alternate Phone: 7572307960
Profile: Offers: Basic obedience, House Sitting and Dog Walking
Sam Mortensen, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Springfield, Virginia 22150
Phone: 703-786-7733
Profile: Sam has been training dogs and working with them professionally for over 15 years. He started his career with dogs as an assistant trainer for Field Trial dogs and he has not stopped working with and caring for all breeds and types of dogs since.

His training method is based on positive motivation, reinforcement of good behavior and conditioning. He believes exercise is great for the body and mind, and this philosophy gave birth to his "Training and Exercise" programs. Sam is always expanding his knowledge: attending training seminars, reading the latest literature on the topic of dog behavior and health, as well as taking and teaching classes while keeping in constant contact with other trainers.

Sam volunteers at local shelters, has vet-tech experience, is Red Cross CPR certified and is an Honor Graduate from Animal Behavior College.

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