Reduce Your Pet’s Anxiety With Happy Hoodie


Happy Hoodie for Anxiety Relief

Cat Anxiety

It’s a well-known fact amongst dog groomers, cat groomers and pet owners alike that our canine and feline companions are extremely sensitive to sound. Whether it’s the vacuum, thunder or hair dryer, dogs and cats can become extremely agitated by the noise.

During a trip to the pet groomer, it can become troublesome if your pet barks, whimpers, hisses and struggles while the groomer is attempting to dry him after a bath. We endure the protest of our pets because, unfortunately, it’s necessary we vacuum and use a blow-dryer even if it disturbs our pets. Fortunately, the simple, but ingenious design of a new product called Happy Hoodie.

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What is a Happy Hoodie?

The Happy Hoodie alleviates the discomfort and issues that pets experience with high volume levels. The Hoodie is a tube-shaped piece of fabric that is stretchy, light and durable. Similar to how you would put a slip-on collar around your pet’s neck, you simply slide the Hoodie over his head and fasten it around his ears. The Hoodie protects your pet from loud noises and high-pressured air associated with drying.

When to Use the Happy Hoodie

The Happy Hoodie can be used in many different situations. Due to the lightweight flexible durability of the fabric, you can adjust the fitting on your pet for different scenarios.

It can be used to keep your dog’s ears up for aeration as well as keep them down and covered for noise.

The Happy Hoodie can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Trip to the veterinarian
  • Trip to the pet groomer
  • Application of eye drops
  • Application of ointments

Buying a Happy Hoodie

The Hoodie comes in two sizes and colors. You have the option of either a small or large size, and a black or white hood. The small-sized hoodie fits small and medium-sized pets while the large size is meant for pets with large heads, such as a Great Dane. The gauze-like material won’t irritate your pet’s skin, but will be tight enough to block out whatever noise is bothering him.

With pet grooming, anything that you can do to make your pet more comfortable and content will make the process much easier. Using the Happy Hoodie is a humane way to calm and control your pet in a stressful situation.

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