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Tug of War

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It’s happened to all of us. You have a day full of planned outdoor activities with your dog whether it’s a hike, trip to the dog park or game of fetch. Yet, as soon as you peek out of the blinds, you see stormy skies, heavy rainfall or even snow, and your plans are ruined! When the weather puts a damper on your plans, it’s definitely a disappointment for you and even more so for your dog. When a dog is left inside all day, he often becomes restless and unhappy, especially if he has a lot of excess energy.

However, there is a fun indoor game you can play with your dog that can entertain you both. The best way to entertain your dog when it’s cold outside is a game of tug of war.

You may have heard tug of war is dangerous because it encourages aggression in dogs, but this has been proven to be an untrue statement. While it has been debated for many years, most dog trainers agree the game is completely safe.

Train Your Dog Before Playing

Before playing the game, you need to train your dog the release cue just in case you need to stop the game abruptly. Next, you’ll need a good toy with which to play. A toy, such as the Kong Tug, is recommended, as it has a comfortable handle and is both stretchy and strong.

How to Teach a Release Cue

Since tug of war is a very exciting game, your dog will probably start growling a little while you play. As long as it’s a light brief growl, it’s nothing to be alarmed about. However, if his posture becomes stiffer and he begins to growl aggressively, temporarily halt the game by giving the release cue in a firm voice and walking away. Once he has relaxed, you can resume the activity.

You can also help him relax by giving him some basic obedience commands. Anyone who has attended a dog training school will tell you it’s important to practice dog obedience cues anytime you need your canine to relax.

Make Room to Play

Next, you’ll need a large open space you and your dog can move around in. Clear a small area of your house, such as your living or dining room, so you have plenty of room to play.

Let Him Win

Letting your dog win is a great way to provide him with a positive experience and encourage him to want to play the game again. Most importantly, have fun with your dog during this exciting activity so you can build an even closer bond between the two of you!

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