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Your ABC certification is a gateway to opportunities as wide-ranging as your imagination. But completion of your cert doesn’t mean your education has to stop. Our Continuing Education Programs (CEPs) keep you sharp and give you the tools to grow in ways you never imagined! Expand your professional abilities. Increase the relevance of your business within its community. Create better marketing and niche opportunities to maneuver around larger, slower competitors. We’ve listed links and information about our CEPs below. If any catch your attention, call your Program Manager at (888) 200-6795 to find out more and sign up today!

Our CEPs don’t just allow you to be the lead dog… they keep you ahead of the pack!

  • Pet Nutrition & Diet
  • Cat Management & Training
  • Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
  • The Art of Selling & Teaching Private Lessons
  • Training Shelter Dogs: As an ABC Certified Dog Trainer, you will frequently encounter dogs temporarily residing in shelters and rescues due to owner relinquishment. This devastating situation calls for immediate attention and for that reason ABC has created a greatly informative CEP that will assist our graduates in helping homeless dogs to become more adoptable. 
  • This shelter dog CEP consists of 250+ pages of material authored by Teoti Anderson, former president of the APDT, with contributions from Kelly Gorman-Dunbar and numerous members of the ABC staff. Information includes understanding the different kinds of shelters and how to approach them, identifying dogs for adoption and defensive handling, temperament assessments, and useful information from the ASPCA MYM Safer Program. Furthermore, the Training Shelter Dogs CEP has been approved by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) for 8 CEU credits!
  • Upon completion of the shelter dog CEP, you will have a solid foundation of knowledge regarding the training and treatment of shelter dogs everywhere with specific attention to re-homing. You will also have the skills necessary for launching an animal shelter or dog rescue training program in which you can hold classes or seminars for dog owners and to improve the dog knowledge of people in your community.
  • As an ABC Certified Dog Trainer, you will strive to not only train shelter dogs, but to place them in permanent, loving homes. Every hour spent with a shelter dog makes a world of difference, and upon completion of the Training Shelter Dogs CEP, you will have the knowledge, skills, and drive to positively transform the lives of shelter dogs everywhere.


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      Hi Nicole! The answer to both questions is that it depends on when you’d like to take the course. The best solution is to call your Program Manager at (888) 200-6795. They can fill you in per your specific situation. Thanks!

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