January’s Veterinary Assistant Program Student Of The Month – January 2013


ABC Veterinary Assistant Program Student of the Month – January 2013

Ana Avolio

VAP SOM - Ana Avolio-jan2013

Ana Avolio, born in Romania and raised in Lyndhurst, Ohio, has always had a passion for animals. She has cared for a variety of pets throughout her life and is so dedicated to them that she once made a giant cage to give her birds more room to fly. Ana loves the feeling she gets when returning a once-sick animal back to its family, happy and healthy. After graduating the ABC Veterinary Assistant Program, Ana was hired by her externship location, Laurel Springs Animal Hospital.

  • Was vet assisting your first choice for a career?

When I was 16, I started working with children and went to school for early childhood education. While I enjoyed the kids, I’ve always really loved animals. I decided I wanted a career change and started to research jobs working with animals. I am glad I found ABC and am so excited to be a vet assistant.

  • What has been your most rewarding moment as a vet assistant?

My most rewarding moment was helping a pregnant dog that had been hit by a car. It was amazing to see the X-ray of all the puppies. The dog and all her puppies survived.

  • What animal or person most inspired you to pursue a career in the animal industry?

I have had many pets—guinea pigs, teddy bear hamsters, fish, parakeets, rabbits, and a dog. I loved them all, but my dog has been and will always be my favorite. He is the main reason I want to work with animals.

  • When and how did you know that you’d be a successful veterinary assistant?

My externship was a wonderful experience. It gave me the chance to work with a great team and visualize all the procedures discussed in the ABC curriculum. The experience I gained from working with an assortment of animal species was invaluable. Once I felt confident in the hospital, I knew that I made the right career choice. When you enjoy your work, you are going to be successful.

  • What knowledge and experiences have you gained from becoming an ABC certified vet assistant?

The online education gave me the knowledge needed to work with animals, so I was able to help out immediately once I started my externship. The hands-on portion of the program afforded me the opportunity to learn from veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

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