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How To Teach A Dog To Stay – Tips From One Of Nations Leading Dog Training Schools, Animal Behavior College

How To Teach a Dog to Stay

Teach a Dog to Stay - Dog Training Tips from Animal Behavior CollegeA leader in Dog Training Schools, Animal Behavior College prepares students for one of the most basic pet exercises in Animal Careers:  The Stay CueTeaching a Dog to Stay.

Many pet owners love to enjoy the outdoors with their pets.  For some, this can be challenging if your dog has not mastered the stay cue.  Whether you are at a social outing, a dog park, or any other public location, you will want to train your dog to stay when confronted with increased distractions.

The stay cue is a great exercise to increase your dog’s capacity to tolerate distractions, building his/her attention span, while increasing his focus and response to you.  As with all learning cues, repetition is important until the cue is successfully learned.

First, you’ll want to make sure your dog is on a leash.  This is done for safety and also to help manage his behavior.

Second, stand directly in front of your dog and give the “stay” cue both with a hand signal and a verbal cue. A traditional hand signal for the “stay” is your flat palm held approximately 6” in front of the dog’s nose.

Third, count to 3 and then immediately drop your hand to your side and release the dog from the “stay” by saying “OK”.  Reward with praise and treats for a job well done.

Fourth, gradually increase the duration, distance, and distraction level, one component at a time.

Repeat and Practice The Stay Command

Throughout this exercise, your dog will learn a valuable capacity in focusing on you.  Also, your dog’s tolerance for enduring distractions will increase and provide each of you with greater assurance of the stay cue while in public.

Pets like consistency from their owners.  Of course, this is a two way street with owners being assured of the kind of behavior they can rely on from their dog.

Animal Behavior College enjoys a national reputation of being one of the premier dog training schools in the US and Canada.  As such, providing ongoing education and information for anyone in animal careers, as well as dog owners themselves, demonstrates examples of best practices in the animal care world.

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