How to Choose a Healthy Puppy


Choosing a Puppy from the LitterChoosing the Right Dog

Are you wondering how to pick a healthy dog?

Animal Behavior College shares the basics for choosing the best dog of the pack whether it’s a purebred, rescue dog or dog from the litter down the street. Of course, that’s not to suggest you wouldn’t want to adopt a special needs dogs. Some individuals welcome the opportunity to provide a loving home for less-than-perfect puppies.  Yet, pet owners should still understand what they are getting into to reduce problems down the road.

If you are interested in becoming a veterinary assistant, or pursuing the many other animal careers available, you will want to learn these all-important tips to pass on to your future clientele. One of the most basic maxims is to make sure you are able to have a veterinarian conduct a pre-purchase or adoption exam to ensure a healthy puppy.

Know Your Breed, Do Your Homework

Second, if you purchase a purebred, it’s important to do your homework on breeds. Certain breeds have characteristics or anomalies that you can learn about from a reputable breeder. This information can mitigate potential problems. Having blood work done or X-rays (if the puppy has not been certified) can save you time and money in the long run.

Next, whether purebred or adopted, check for structural deficiencies by performing a hands-on exam. Look for any obvious signs of problems. Some common things to watch out for may include lethargy, pups in a litter that may look unhealthy or smells that don’t seem right for a young animal.

Get a Veterinarian’s Opinion

Even if you have fallen in love with a puppy that may present some minor symptoms, a pet owner doesn’t always need to eliminate him as an adoptee. That’s one of the reasons your veterinarian should examine a dog to determine if any abnormalities are minor, correctable or nothing to worry about at all.

ABC provides animal lovers valuable information on how to select a puppy or older dog. Whether it’s an animal career or facts on healthy dog selections, ABC is a great source on this and numerous other topics that build rewarding relationships with dogs and the owners who care for them.

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