How to Brush a Cat’s Coat


Brushing Cats

How to Brush a Cat
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Often pet owners don’t take their cats for regular grooming sessions because they think cats groom themselves. While this is true, cats do need a little bit of help with the brushing procedure.

How to Brush Your Cat

Before you begin brushing your cat, it’s important you have the right cat brush. For short hair cats, use a soft bristle brush. Long hair cats will need a longer soft bristle brush and a metal comb to work out any mats.

Once you’ve selected a brush, bring your cat over to your lap. Let her relax before brushing. Don’t brush for too long and make sure you watch for signals indicating she’s had enough.

Choose a place in your home to brush her. Keep a brush there and leave a bag of treats to show your cat brushing is a worthwhile activity. If you have an older cat, it may take a few months for her to get adjusted to the activity.

Benefits of Brushing Your Cat

The earlier you start a brushing routine, the better. Regularly brushing your cat will reduce the amount of hair the cat swallows, which results in hairballs, and the amount of cat hair in your house. It’ll also help to keep older cats from developing mats in their furs.

Matted cats are one of the major reasons cat owners take their pets to the groomer. Dealing with a matted cat is difficult. Not only do you have to transport your cat to the groomer, but your cat may also have to be shaved. To avoid the challenge of luring your cat into a cat carrier and the torture of a shave, develop a regular brushing routine early on.

By following this guide, you can have yourself a happy mat-free cat.

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