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Dog Training Treats That Help

Dog Training Treats That Help

Dog Training With TreatsDog Training Schools know that treats are an effective tool in training your dogAnimal Behavior College loves to help trainers and pet owners alike in understanding their value, as well as possible pitfalls when using treats.

Like other rewards, treats can be incorporated into a valuable training regimen but they can also be overdone.  It is important to know the best usage and type of treat that will benefit your training and yield the best results.

SMALL Treats Are Great At Keeping Your Dog’s Attention

Treats are a great way to motivate and entice you dog in important practice sessions while training.  There are many different kinds of treats that are on the market today and you’ll want to select treats that are both tempting, that your dog will love, and are size appropriate.

Small treats, about the size of a pea, are the most effective.  You will want to ensure that your pup does not get over-fed while training.  If the treat is too large, it will begin to lose its effectiveness during the training exercise.

It’s also important that treats don’t become so frequently used at other times throughout the day that your dog’s interest is diminished.  Some trainers understand that frequency dilutes a treat’s ability to gain and keep a pet’s attention if they have been given to a dog too often.  If a dog has been ‘over-treated’, the treat has dramatically reduced reward or positive reinforcement value.

Your Dog Won’t Need Treats Forever

It is also important that you incorporate a variety of tempting treats for your dog while training.  That way, if one treat does not do the trick you have alternative options in your bait bag.  ‘Treating’ a dog in training can be a most effective way to reinforce behavior initially.  In later stages of success, you can withdraw or minimize the treats as a reward and focus on verbal reinforcement and/or real life rewards such as going for a walk.

ABC loves to offer training tips to pet owners.  It is not uncommon that pet owners become the best trainers when they graduate from a premiere dog training school like Animal Behavior College.

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