Dog Training Treats That Help


Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Nothing is more rewarding for a dog than to receive a dog treat he enjoys. With this in mind, it’s important you choose the right dog training treats. The more desirable the treat is, the likelier your dog obeys your commands.

Like other rewards, treats can be incorporated into a valuable training regimen, but they can also be abused. It is important to know the best usage and type of treat that can benefit your dog training and yield the best results.

Choosing the Right Dog Treats

There are many different kinds of dog treats on the market today. You’ll want to select treats that are both tempting and size appropriate. Small treats, about the size of a pea, are the most effective. If the treat is too large, it can lose its effectiveness during the training exercise.

One tip is to have a variety of tempting treats. This way, your dog doesn’t lose interest in any one treat.

When to Use Dog Treats

If you’re going to use dog treats during training, you want to make sure you’re not overfeeding your dog. Dog training treats should only be given after your dog has performed the desired action. When the treat is frequently given during and outside of the training session, it loses its ability to positively reinforce your dog. In other words, only give your dog a treat when he accomplishes a task.

Will I Have to Use Dog Treats Forever?

No. Once your dog learns to obey most of your commands, you can start withdrawing or, at least, minimizing treats as a reward. Rather than using treats, focus on verbal reinforcement and other rewards, such as a walk.

Treats are an easy way to reward your dog for a job well done. Which dog treats work best for your pet?

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