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Dog Chewing Problems? Try Using Redirection | Dog Training Tip

Dog Chewing Problems? Kong Toy Redirection Dog Training Tip

Kong Toys are often used as a chewing diversionHere’s the bottom line… All Dogs Chew. Most dog owners don’t have issues with chewing dogs as long as they are chewing only on things they are allowed to chew on. Dogs are naturally born with the need to chew and require stimulation. They’ll get bored if they don’t anything to stimulate them and boredom can lead to bad behavior and costly unwanted chewing. Don’t expect to completely stop your dog from chewing, instead teach them to chew on appropriate items only. Dog Toys, like the Kong Dog Toy, are recommended by many professional dog trainers to help keep your dog stimulated for hours. The Kong toy has kept many dog owners happy when it’s been properly used in obedience training and for chewing redirection.Your certified dog trainer from Animal Behavior College’s Dog Training School will tell you most dogs will be captivated for hours while playing and chewing on a Kong toy. While training your dog, Kongs are indispensable when redirecting your dog’s attention away from chewing on inappropriate household items like carpet fringe, garden hoses, or chair legs.

Kong Dog Toys are Versatile

Other great features of the Kong toy are its multiple functions; it can be a throw toy, a bounce toy, a chew toy, and a treat container. Because each Kong size has a hollow inner chamber that can hold yummy treats like peanut butter, cheese, or crunchy treats, your dog can be entertained for hours.

Different Kongs for Different Dogs

There are different sizes and styles of Kong toys for different dogs. It is important to get advice from your professional dog trainer at Animal Behavior College to determine which size is best for your breed and age of dog.  If your dog is an average chewer, the popular red Kong toys are best and are available in several sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large.

For the Persistent Chewer

For aggressive or persistent chewers, the black Kong is best.  It is made of firmer rubber and is available in large or extra large sizes, usually more fitting for larger breeds.  Again, a professional certified dog trainer from a reliable dog training school can provide valuable information in determining the best Kong toy for your dog based on your dog’s breed and chewing habits.

Supervision recommended

Kong Dog ToyFinally, it is always best to supervise your dog’s chewing time when first introducing a new Kong toy.  All dog toys should be inspected frequently for damage. If you notice any of your dog’s toys are damaged, remove them immediately. Your professional dog trainer can give you tips on what to look for and how to redirect your dog’s chewing pattern if it loses interest too quickly on the Kong toy you have selected.

Diet, Exercise, and Using a Leash

It’s always recommended to get as educated as possible on proper training techniques that will help you understand your dog better. Professional dog trainers will tell you that training is much more effective when you know how to communicate with your dog and understand their needs. Proper diet, exercise, and use of a leash can do wonders in shortening your dogs training time. To find an Animal Behavior College Certified graduate in your area, click here.

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