Dangerous Places in Your Home for Pets


Trouble Areas in the Home

Cat on Washing Machine

Both dogs and cats can get into a lot of trouble in many areas of a house or yard. Keep all areas safe for your pets and watch them closely. Below, we list the common places in your home you should pet proof.

Swimming Pool

A pet can fall into a pool and drown. Keep the area around a pool fenced. Provide a ramp in case a pet falls into the water.

Garden, Garden Shed and Garage

Pesticides, antifreeze, fertilizers, gasoline and oil all contain chemicals that may cause serious illness or death. Keep containers tightly closed and out of harm’s way by putting them inside locked cabinets or high on shelves. If your pet is suspected to have ingested harmful chemicals, take him to a veterinarian immediately.


Pets can either fall from balconies or slip through railings that are spaced too far apart. Make a barrier to either keep pets away from balconies or to block railings.

Door and Window

An open door or window is an invitation for a pet to run away and explore if left open. Doors should be kept closed and all windows should have screens.

Electrical Cord

Electrocution can occur if pets chew on electrical cords plugged into a wall. Keep cords for computers and all electrical systems hidden under carpets or behind appliances.

Washer and Dryer

Cats are known for jumping into washers and dryers. Keep lids closed when these appliances are not in use or when you need to leave them unattended for even a few moments. Spilled bleach can cause chemical burns if your pet walks through them or illness if ingested.


Eating fireplace ashes can cause a pet to get sick. Keep a screen in place and ashes out of your pet’s reach. If your pet ingests fireplace ashes, bring your pet to the animal hospital to be examined and treated by the veterinarian.

Trash Area

Spoiled food can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Fruit pits may cause blockage in the pet’s intestines as can aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Empty tin cans could cause cuts on the mouth and tongue if chewed on. In addition, pets may get their heads stuck in discarded containers.

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Bathroom and Kitchen

Cleaning products, either ingested or picked up on the pads of the feet and licked off, can cause vomiting and diarrhea. An owner’s prescription medication can also cause serious side effects or death if left out and ingested by a pet.

For guidance regarding safety for your pets, consult those in animal jobs, such as your dog trainer, veterinary assistant or animal behaviorist. Remember to bring your pet to a veterinarian or an animal hospital if you suspect or witness your pet ingesting harmful substances.

Source: ASPCA Pet Insurance

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