Adopt a Dog

Photo credit: SarahDusautoir/iStock

Open your heart and home to a canine (or two) in need. As a dog lover, you probably know you have several different options for how to bring a new dog into your life. You can buy the dog from a breeder or other source, or you can adopt a dog. If you plan to buy a purebred dog, a responsible breeder is your best bet. However, before you go this route, consider adopting a … [Read more...]

Hey Kitty, Let’s Go for a Walk

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Leash training your cat is easier than you think. While it’s much safer for cats to have an indoors-only lifestyle, they do miss out on the sights and sounds of nature. Fortunately, there are ways for them to have the best of both worlds. For starters, consider training your cat to walk on a leash while wearing a nice, soft harness. Leash training is an excellent … [Read more...]

Dog Beach Etiquette

Dog Beaches

The do's and don'ts of playing in the sand and water. There is no better feeling than an ocean breeze in your hair and the salt water from the Pacific Ocean lapping at your toes. It's the perfect way to cool off on these increasingly hot summer days. Dogs love the beach as much as their human companions, but unfortunately, irresponsible owners have found their dogs banned … [Read more...]

Rescue Me-ow

Cat Shelter

Adopt don't shop for your next feline companion. So you’re thinking of getting a cat. You’ve looked at photos of sleek Abyssinians, fluffy Persians and round-faced British Shorthairs, and have decided on the cat for you. You’re sure no one in your family is allergic to cats. However, before you visit a breeder and shell out $500 or $1,000 for a purebred kitten, consider … [Read more...]

The Dog Obesity Epidemic

Two Obese Dogs

How we can help dogs and they can help us become healthier. We hear about the “Obesity Epidemic” in the United States over and over again. We are aware of how important it is to make healthy food choices and exercise. What you may not be aware of is that there is a real “Dog Obesity Epidemic” and it threatens the health and well-being of our canine family members. In … [Read more...]