The Best Ways to Introduce Your Cat to a New Pet

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You Brought Home What?!?! One of the biggest mistakes well-meaning pet lovers make is the way in which they introduce a new pet into the household. Whether it’s a same species or a cross species introduction, it’s not a matter of simply bringing the new pet into the home and leaving them to bond on their own. It’s just not going to happen. Incumbent pets can be … [Read more...]

Training Your Dog for Competition

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Go for the Gold You might have seen it on TV or even in person: People competing alongside their dogs in any number of super fun sports. Agility, flyball and dock diving are just a few of the more popular competitive canine activities available to dogs and their people. You can tell by watching competition dogs that they have special training to do what they do. Whether … [Read more...]

Why Do Cats Purr?

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For myriad reasons: to soothe, to communicate, to show contentment… Every cat owner has experienced the calming pleasure of having a purring cat curled up in her lap. A soothing, relaxing sound and sensation that can be felt as well as heard. Most people assume a purring cat is a contented cat, but the reasons cats purr are much more complicated than that. Newborn … [Read more...]

Buyers Guide: New Dog Chews & Treats

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At some point as a pet owner, you have probably felt overwhelmed by the plethora of dog products on the market today. From the healthiest foods to the safest toys to the best collars, selecting the right ones can be daunting. Choosing treats or chews for your dog is a tough decision, too, due to the sheer number of varieties. Chewing is an essential behavior for dogs and … [Read more...]

Awesome Pet Products


Arm & Hammer Dual Scrubbers Nubbies dental treats feature “nubbies” and ridges that help scrub away plaque and tartar from a dog’s teeth. Their shape and texture also acts as a tongue scraper, providing dogs with great benefits when it comes to their favorite treat. Just like the original Nubbies, Dual Scrubbers are made with baking soda and chlorophyll for a more complete … [Read more...]