Breed Spotlight: Maltese


Maltese Characteristics and History The Maltese is a very petite dog typically weighing between four to six pounds. Although some Maltese may reach nine pounds, it's uncommon for them to exceed seven pounds. Once known as “The Ancient Dog of Malta,” it was believed this dog breed originated from an island directly south of Italy called Malta Island. They've been … [Read more...]

3 Stages of Puppy Development

Puppy Development

Puppy Development Stages Socialization is an unending process and must start very early in a puppy’s life. Your puppy must have ongoing exposure to all of life’s experiences. The goal of socialization is to help your dog learn to act appropriately around people and other animals as well as in the many public and private social situations of human life. A properly … [Read more...]

How to Train a Dog to Respond to Commands

How to Train a Dog

Get Your Dog to Respond to Cues By Cara Lederman, ABCDT, APDT Does your dog instantly sit when asked from a foot away, but cocks her head or walks away when you’re across the room? This dog training tip will help you teach your dog to respond to cues when they’re needed most. Use Hand Signals The first step is to incorporate hand signals with your verbal cues. Dogs … [Read more...]

Puppy Socialization Tips

Puppy Socialization

Socializing Your Puppy Like any dog trainer will tell you, an obedient dog is a happy and confident dog. Dog obedience training is a vital aspect of raising a new puppy, as puppies develop most of their knowledge and perceptions of the world in the early months of life. However, many dog trainers will argue that proper socialization is even more important than taking your … [Read more...]

Breed Spotlight: Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane Characteristics & History The Great Dane, easily identifiable by their large size and distinguished characteristics, is one of the most graceful of the giant dog breeds. The origin of the Great Dane, as they are known today, is said to be traced back to the Irish Wolfhound with a mixture of English Mastiff. The breed was originally used for hunting … [Read more...]