How to Stop a Dog From Barking

How to Stop a Dog From Barking

Stop Your Dog From Barking By Samantha Hamilton Dogs bark--it’s a part of life. Sometimes barking can seem like it’s for no reason while other times it serves an acceptable purpose. Keep in mind that some dog breeds are predisposed to barking more often than others. Your focus shouldn’t just be on the barking, but on getting your dog to understand how and when to be … [Read more...]

Breed Spotlight: Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Popularity The Yorkshire Terrier was the second most popular dog breed in the United States in 2008, according to the AKC Registration Statistics. Yorkshire Terriers, also known as the Yorkie, are an energetic, friendly and determined companion. Although Yorkies now belong to the Toy Group, they are a Terrier by nature. They were originally used for … [Read more...]

Food, Not Fingers

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How to train your dog to take treats gently. From wolf hybrids to bully breeds, I’ve always had big dogs. Since I only use reward-based training, it’s very important that the first thing they learn to do is take treats gently from me. Dogs who are highly treat-motivated can be difficult to reward without losing a finger. Large dogs, and puppies especially, often don’t … [Read more...]

Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training Facts What is a service dog? Service dogs are dogs that have been specifically trained to help disabled people in all aspects of their lives. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service dogs are considered medical equipment. From completing daily tasks to detecting seizures before they happen, service dogs prove they truly are man’s best … [Read more...]

Introducing Your Dog to Water

How to Introduce Your Dog to Water

How to Introduce Your Dog to Water As a dog owner, you want to be able to enjoy the summer season with your dog, which means bringing your dog along your travels. Your summer excursions will often include a body of water, such as the ocean or lake. To ensure you and your dog enjoy your vacation together, learn how to introduce your dog to water. We dive into the … [Read more...]