Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Cat Pee

Dealing with Feline Inappropriate Elimination Inappropriate urination can take many forms and have several causes. Sometimes a cat seems to suddenly forget her litterbox training, urinating everywhere except where she’s supposed to. Your cat may start to urinate in hidden areas of the house or choose to urinate on furniture, rugs or clothing. Sometimes, a specific spot … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Cat Won’t Use the Litterbox

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Dealing with Cat Litterbox Issues There are several solutions to a seemingly insurmountable problem. One of the beauties of cat ownership is that nobody has to be housetrained or walked. From day one, cats instinctively seek out sandy areas to eliminate in, which you can easily provide in the form of litterboxes full of quality litter. No whining at the door to go out, … [Read more...]

How to Read Cat Body Language

Cat Body Language

Cat Body Language Cats have various ways of communicating how they feel. Before you adopt or work with a cat, you should learn how to read cat body language to better communicate with your pet. Cat Communication Cats actually have many ways of communication. We're probably most familiar with their voice. Cats have several types of meows, depending on what they're trying … [Read more...]

How to Transport a Cat

Cat Carrier

Traveling with Your Cat Someday in the life of your cat, you will eventually need to take her to the vet, groomer or new location. Instead of chasing down the cat and trying to trap her with a blanket or towel, think about using a less disturbing method. Before you convey any indications of transporting your cat anywhere, you will have to make a plan. If you just suddenly … [Read more...]

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Pet

Senior Pets

Older Pets Rule If you’re in the market for a cat or dog, why not consider an older pet? There are many advantages to passing over those irresistible puppies and kittens and taking a closer look at mature cats and dogs. Most people who go to shelters are looking for younger pets. In fact, pets over the age of five have a difficult time getting adopted, even if they’re far … [Read more...]