Camping With Dogs

Camping With Dogs

How to Camp With Your Dog By Katherine Beard A family camping trip is one of the best summer pastimes. Of course, when we say family, we mean dogs too. Exploring campgrounds with local hiking trails, forests and beaches is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine while also spending some quality time with your dog. Anywhere you go, you know your dog will have a … [Read more...]

Food, Not Fingers

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How to train your dog to take treats gently. From wolf hybrids to bully breeds, I’ve always had big dogs. Since I only use reward-based training, it’s very important that the first thing they learn to do is take treats gently from me. Dogs who are highly treat-motivated can be difficult to reward without losing a finger. Large dogs, and puppies especially, often don’t … [Read more...]

Introducing Your Dog to Water

How to Introduce Your Dog to Water

How to Introduce Your Dog to Water As a dog owner, you want to be able to enjoy the summer season with your dog, which means bringing your dog along your travels. Your summer excursions will often include a body of water, such as the ocean or lake. To ensure you and your dog enjoy your vacation together, learn how to introduce your dog to water. We dive into the … [Read more...]

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Disaster Preparedness

Make a Disaster Plan for Your Pet A recent international poll found 61 percent of pet owners would not evacuate during a disaster if they could not bring their pets with them. In 2006, Congress addressed this issue by passing the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act, which requires state and local emergency management agencies to make plans that take … [Read more...]

Introducing a New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Introducing a New Dog

How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Dog Many people tend to get more than one pet whether it’s a dog, cat or bird. The trend to have a multi-pet household is sometimes linked to pet owners who feel their pet needs a companion. In reality, a lot of pets do enjoy the company of other animals and owners love to see them play, scheme and sleep together. When introducing … [Read more...]