Talk with a Dog Trainer: Fanna Easter

Professional Dog Trainer

Talk with a Dog Trainer Session #1 Fanna Easter Professional dog trainer Fanna Easter of Dog Training Nation joined us for a very special "Talk with a Trainer" Live Hangout event. Fanna Easter has been instructing dog training classes for 22 years with a special focus on family dog manners. With her past experience as PETCO’s National Dog Training Expert for five … [Read more...]

Adopt a Shelter Dog – Training Shelter Dogs – Students Saving Lives

Students Saving Lives was started by Debbie Kendrick, Vice President of Animal Behavior College, in 2004. Our mission is to train dogs in shelters in hopes of helping them become more adoptable and less likely to be returned to a shelter in their life. Obedience training for dogs is a key component to a happy and fruitful life. At ABC we ask each student in the dog training … [Read more...]

ABC Offers CEP Discounts at Trade Shows

Continuing Education Programs

Animal Behavior College Offers Continuing Education Programs At Animal Behavior College it is important to us to attend trade shows throughout the U.S. for many different reasons. Each show has specific industry experts and professionals that we love to connect with. Many times trade shows provide a great opportunity to build relations with new Mentor Trainers and be … [Read more...]

Why Do People Continue To Support Breeding?

I was recently reading an article on that spoke about tail docking and ear cropping. This article posses the question, is it cruel to crop ears and dock tails of animals? As I read through the article there were some valid points made as to why it is cruel, and also why people shouldn't allow these things to happen. More specifically the article touches on the … [Read more...]

Best Friends Forever Pet Services Awarded NAPPS 2014 Business of the Year


Forever Pet Services By Rebecca K. O’Connor Awarded NAPPS 2014 Business of the Year Heather Branch moved from the East Coast to California to chase her acting dreams. She soon became a familiar voice in Los Angeles. For six years she worked as a traffic reporter, delivering early morning and late afternoon radio reports on the state of the rush time commute. Then she … [Read more...]