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Dog Tips

Tips For Dogs In The Wilderness

While taking a hike last weekend in a park that borders a major wilderness area just north of Los Angeles, we saw this sign on the right posted prominently on the main message board at the trailhead. It got us thinking about a few things. First, the local rangers were being incredibly thoughtful  in assembling tips to help dogs and their masters in the area. Second, was anything missing from this list that mattered?

This sign is specific to the Southern California area. Do you have a tip, idea or piece of advice that would help hikers, campers and others who strike out for adventure with their Furry Friend at their side? We’ve listed some of our best tips and guides below. What would you add? And the more specific to your terrain the better — desert, plains, heat, snow, bugs, weird wildlife, consider all of it.  All ideas are useful when it comes to keeping our pets safe, comfortable and happy!

Finally, after you’ve read all our tips, come back and watch this dog navigate a big pile of leaves the **proper** way!

Cats Are Very Special People!

Does the cooler weather mean your cat is prowling more than ever? Whether it’s cleanliness, health, transportation or simply understanding them, your cat — and his needs — are covered in this post. Click below to read any of the articles you need to improve the comfort and safety of your Feline Furry Friend!

And for music lovers, (especially of the band Collective Soul) check out this clip!

Winning Dog Act Shows What’s Possible!

If you’re a fan of variety acts like we are, then you LOVED last week’s winner on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” The Olate Dogs are a troup of Furry Friends who do completely amazing stunts in a seemingly effortless way. By way of background, click here for the act’s website, Click here for background information on the act from the Hollywood Reporter, and click here for more background in the LA Times. Then, watch the video… but be sure you brace yourself in advance for one of the most amazing examples of canine artistry (with some help from their loving trainers) you’ll ever see!

With an act like this, it’s only appropriate that part of their prize package includes a headliner stretch in a showroom in Las Vegas — home to the best variety acts in the world. What’s the best trick your dog can do? Please post it in the comments section below!

ABC At SuperZoo!

Planning to create a pet-centered business around your ABC certification? Looking for ways to improve the clinic, grooming salon, pet store, shelter or animal hospital where you already work? Then the place to be for the best ideas is the national show for pet retailers, SuperZoo, at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center… and it opens today!

Come by the Animal Behavior College booth (#583) and talk about animal careers, professional opportunities through continuing education, and how to help your pets through the last hot days of summer. There’s no better time than now to pursue an animal career in this $50+ billion (2011) industry and we’re there through Thursday to help answer career questions, provide advice and get you on the right track.

If you’re in the Las Vegas area this week, stop by the Animal Behavior College booth for some good conversation and air conditioning. You’ll be amazed at what you learn!


“Breed Spotlight” Extra – American Staffordshire Terrier

Astonishing Video: Extreme Agility Training!

Some videos must be watched more than once!

With over 1.5 million views on YouTube, TreT (the American Straffordshire Terrier shown) is trained in parkour and has become a worldwide canine celebrity. This video compels you to watch over and over in wonder.

By way of background, the American Straffordshire Terrier is sometimes referred to as the “cousin” of the American Pit Bull. These dogs can be great pets when properly socialized. Eager to please and especially responsive to those who understand their innate need for a strong pack leader, the  Straffordshire requires time, exercise and discipline for best results. Possessing those traits, however, may allow dedicated Staffy owners to glean some of the remarkable results seen in this video!

If you have an active lifestyle and understand the needs of these dogs, they make loyal and loving  family pets.