6 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook Tips

Best Facebook Practices for Businesses Facebook is more than a social media site to connect with friends and family. The platform is also a great way for small businesses to connect with their customers. According to Buffer, 80 percent of consumers prefer to connect with brands on Facebook. These consumers connect with brands for a number of reasons, including discounts … [Read more...]

Steve Appelbaum Appears on Animal House Radio Show

Steve Appelbaum

Steve Appelbaum Sits Down With Animal House Radio Show ABC Founder and CEO Talks Pets Appearing on the call-in show Animal House with host Vicki Gramm on Saturday, March 28, as a featured guest, Animal Behavior College founder Steve Appelbaum discusses various topics, including the animal vocational school itself. That’s actually been one of the things I’ve heard from … [Read more...]

Get Your Level 2 Dog Trainer Certification

Dog Training Certification

Take Your Dog Training Skills to the Next Level By Angela DeLuca, ABCDT-L2 Are you ready to put your dog trainer knowledge to the test? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Animal Behavior College can help. ABC is proud to offer Level 2 Dog Trainer Certification (ABCDT-L2) for professional trainers. This certification challenges your knowledge and … [Read more...]

Is a Veterinary Assistant Career Right for You?

Veterinary Assistant

Why You Should Become a Veterinary Assistant Do your friends call you the crazy cat lady? Do you have more framed portraits in your house of your dog than your nieces and nephews? Do you love animals more than you love most people? Would your dream job involve working with animals daily? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re the perfect candidate for … [Read more...]

5 Marketing Mistakes Pet Business Owners Make

Marketing Strategies

5 Marketing Mistakes Pet Businesses Make And the Best Ways to Fix Them Building a successful pet business is not easy, but it is attainable. There are business owners who believe their educational background and experience are all that’s needed to succeed. Unfortunately, there is more to a great business than knowledgeable business owners and/or employees. Whether you’re a … [Read more...]