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ABC’s Dog Training Program – Educational and Physical Requirements

ABC’s Dog Training Program Educational and Physical Requirements

Become a dog trainer, click here to enroll today!To get accepted into Animal Behavior College’s dog training program, students must meet specific educational and physical requirements. This is because our three-part program consists of academic study, volunteer work and a hands on externship, all of which demand a certain education level and physical ability. Read on to find out if you qualify to enroll in our exciting program.

Academic Requirements

When it comes to educational requirements for Animal Behavior College’s animal training programs, students must possess a high school diploma or equivalency. The home study portion of our program requires students to read and write in English at a high school equivalency level. Students must also be able to communicate verbally in English and demonstrate both hand and voice directions. All students applying to ABC’s dog trainer program must also pass the Scholastic Level Exam, an eight-minute timed exam that can be taken online.

Physical Requirements

Along with educational requirements, Animal Behavior College students must meet specific physical requirements in order to pass the program successfully and perform their duties as a dog trainer. For example, students must be able to use both hands to perform repetitive actions associated with training such as chumming and hand signals. Students should be relatively in shape and able to walk regularly and at a brisk pace. For example, an animal career as a dog trainer demands brisk walking both forward and backwards and turning sharply to change directions. Students must also possess adequate visual and hearing requirements. For example, students must be able to observe persons and animals up to 150 feet away and in a full circle peripherally.

Other Requirements

Students who desire to train dogs must also be able to work in harsh environmental conditions. These conditions include extreme temperature such as inclement weather, loud noises such as constant barking in shelters, close contact with fumes, dust and odors including chemical odors, animal odors and dust in shelter kennel areas and exposure to harsh chemicals such as cleaners and disinfectants used in shelters. Finally, students must be comfortable with being jumped on by large dogs. For a complete list of these requirements, please contact Animal Behavior College today.

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