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Animal Behavior College (ABC) is one the most highly recognized Dog Training Schools for Training Dog Trainers in the United States.
Do you love dogs? Why not be a Dog Trainer and start an exciting career in dog training? As an ABC Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT), you will possess the dog training skills necessary to make a difference in the life of every dog that you work with. Graduation from this program affords you the ability to open your own dog training business or work for an established business as a professional dog trainer. ABC Certified Dog Trainers reap the benefits of a rewarding career that allows them to work either full- or part-time anywhere in North America.

Join the ranks of a growing Dog Training Industry as a professional dog trainer!

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Animal Behavior College
is Founded and Operated by
TOP Dog Training Professionals
With over 20 years as a professional dog trainer and personally training thousands of dogs, Mr. Steven Appelbaum, President and CEO of Animal Behavior College (ABC), founded ABC after successfully establishing the largest independent dog training company in the US, Animal Behavior & Training Associates, Inc. (ABTA). While searching for qualified dog training professionals to fill ABTA's rapid growth, Mr. Appelbaum recognized the need to have a quality dog training school for trainers in order to test and qualify experienced dog trainers to meet ABTA's professional and quality standards.
Debbie Kendrick, Vice President of Animal Behavior College and former Southern California Dog Obedience Trials "Top Dog" Award winner, successfully owned and operated a successful dog training business before joining Steven Appelbaum's first company, ABTA. As the head trainer overseeing hundreds of dog trainers for ABTA, Ms. Kendrick also recognized the necessity to start a dog training school that could equip their trainers adequately during their expansion.
With their leadership, combined professional dog training experience, and strict selective process in hiring only the most qualified mentor dog trainers, Animal Behavior College has become the premier animal career vocational school in the U.S. All Program Managers are graduates of the Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program at Animal Behavior College and pursue continuing education as they strive to be the best dog trainers they can be. Many of them still actively train dogs in their community by conducting group classes, doing private trainings or consultations, or volunteer at their local animal shelters to help save dogs by training them to become more adoptable. As one of the top dog training schools in the United States, ABC has trained over 8,000 successful Dog Trainers and helped save countless dogs! With over 78 million dogs in the U.S., there are numerous opportunities for graduates. Dog training jobs are in need!

Animal Behavior College gives you the tools you need to become a successful Certified Dog Trainer!

  • Hands-on Training from dog trainer professionals – You learn from the experts!
  • Personal & Expert support system for each student
  • Flexible & Convenient school schedule
  • Located near you – In all 50 States & Canada!
  • Recognized ABC certification
  • Affordable tuition & financing available

Affordable Tuition

Tuition for the Certified Dog Trainer Program is $3,395 – $5,195 depending on payment arrangements and available discounts. The tuition price covers ALL materials, as well as the hands-on externship with an ABC Mentor Trainer. Competitive programs offering this type of one-on-one training can cost up to $10,000 or more! Click here for more information

Financing Available

100% financing available with $0 down to qualified individuals. Please contact us directly at 1-800-795-3294 to discuss eligibility requirements and payment arrangements customized to fit your needs.

Financial Assistance

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Financial Assistance program (MyCAA) offers eligible military spouses FULL scholarships to attend ABC. Consult an ABC Admissions Counselor to find if you are eligible for this FULL scholarship today! (Click here for more information)

Excellent Income – Get Paid for Doing What You Love!

The only thing better than having a job that you love is earning a great income! Professionals in the animal industry can earn a significant salary working with animals while simultaneously helping the people who love them. Imagine being able to make an excellent living while working in a field that you are passionate about. There is a tremendous opportunity to thrive in this occupation, and your potential client base is practically limitless, especially considering that according to the 2011/2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 72.9 million homes.

Flexible Hours & In-Home Training – Bring the Classroom to Your Living Room

By choosing to enroll in ABC's unique course of study, you can keep your current job while studying for your new dog training career. All programs provide flexibility to busy, working adults. The ABC program brings the classroom to your neighborhood and living room, meaning that you avoid additional expenses such as housing at a remote location, and you will not waste time and money driving to a classroom every day.

Hands-On Training Learn from the Experts

Research indicates that employers are more inclined to hire applicants whose schooling included hands-on training. ABC offers this valuable component as an essential aspect of the program.
After students successfully complete the in-home study portion of the course, they are authorized to move on to the vital hands-on externship. This gives students the opportunity to learn from dog training experts in an actual working environment. Once there, students are given the chance to utilize the knowledge acquired during the home study element and apply it to real-life occupational situations. The externship is a priceless component of the ABC course, and having experienced on-the-job training will set you apart from the competition in the eyes of future potential employers.

Locations in All 50 States and Every Canadian Province

Training Facilities in Your Neighborhood anywhere in the United States or Canadian Province.

ABC is a viable option for students anywhere in the United States and Canada. That’s because ABC has over 1000 instruction locations nationwide and throughout Canada. Training for your new career has never been more convenient! Call 1-800-795-3294 for information on training facilities near you

Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program Curriculum

Animal Behavior College’s highly detailed 11 stage curriculum for their Certified Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program is one of the most comprehensive in the nation.

  • Stage 1 – Basic Study of Canines – Includes detailed instruction on basic canine knowledge to provide a foundation for more advanced learning. -more-
  • Stage 2 – Learning Theory – Explains scientific principles about how animals learn and explores numerous behavioral training strategies -more- 
  • Stage 3 – A Trainer’s Toolbox – Introduces a myriad of professional dog training tools and equipment -more- 
  • Stage 4 – Training Fundamentals – Covers the history and evolution of dog training techniques and their contribution and relevance to today’s training methods -more- 
  • Stage 5 – How To Teach Basic Obedience Cues – Outlines step-by-step instructions for teaching dogs the most popular cues that clients request for their dogs to learn -more- 
  • Stage 6 – Learning the Art Of Effective Problem Solving – Outlines step-by-step treatment plans for addressing the most common behavioral challenges -more- 
  • Stage 7 – Safety – Describes how to conduct safe and stress-free lessons with clients and their pets -more- 
  • Stage 8 – Public Speaking and Teaching Group Courses – Teaches public speaking methods and techniques, which are vital to clearly and effectively conducting dog training lessons -more- 
  • Stage 9 – Business Building – Provides coaching and guidance from the president of ABC on how to start your own dog training business -more- 
  • Stage 10 – Hands-On Externship & Shelter Volunteer – Hands-on training experience is provided by a local ABC-Approved Mentor Trainer. Shelter volunteering is also part of this stage -more- 
  • Stage 11 – Final Exam & Graduation – The successful completion of a cumulative final exam awards certification as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT) -more- 

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Charlotte Rice
Charlotte Rice is currently training animals and managing a local shelter. Doubling as a certified personal trainer, Charlotte aspires to help people and pets in need. Charlotte identifies with the American Pit Bull Terrier.

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