Dog Grooming Brushes for Every Coat Type


Choosing the Right Brush for Your Dog

Dog Grooming Tools

Brushing is a great bonding point for you and your dog. It can be accomplished while you sit down to watch TV or listen to music. You will need the appropriate brush and/or comb for your dog’s coat type, a towel for your lap and a trash bag to catch the hair.

Different Dog Brushes

Short Coat Breeds

You should make a point to ensure that you have the proper brush and comb for your dog’s particular coat type. If your dog is a short or smooth-coated breed, such as a Bulldog, Beagle or Great Dane, you will need a short soft bristle brush and a rubber curry to remove loose hair and massage her skin. Be sure to groom these dogs with care because the skin of the smooth-coated dogs should be handled gently.

Medium Coat Breeds

If your dog is in the medium-coated breed category, such as a Retriever, Shepherd or Terrier, use a bristle brush and a metal comb. Bristle brushes are available in several sizes and bristle types. For the short hair dogs, you need shorter dense bristles. Longer hair will require the longer more widely spaced bristles. In addition, if your dog has long hair on her legs and tail, you will need a wire-pin brush. These are similar to bristle, but are wire and available with or without rubber tips.

Long Hair Breeds

If your dog is in the long hair breeds, such as Poodle or Bischon, you will need a slicker brush. Slicker brushes have short bent wire bristles that are more widely used for a variety of tasks from blowing a curly coat straight to removing mats. The long hair breeds that have fine hair, such as the Yorkies and Maltese, will need a softer rubber-pin brush and a soft slicker for their delicate coats and skins as well as a metal comb to check for tangles.

When using any of the brushes, make sure not to brush burn the skin. All of these grooming tips not only help you bond with your dog, but they’re also a great preventative measure to avoid costly grooming bills.

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  1. Mia Boyd says

    Thanks for the information. I had no idea that different brushes could make a difference. My dog has short hair, so I’ll make sure I follow your tip about finding a pet grooming company that’ll use a short, soft bristle and a rubber curry. Do you have any other tips?

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