Meet the Pack - Admissions Counselors

Ray Sanchez
ABC Admissions Counselor

Ray is a California native, born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, and has worked in a variety of industries through-out his professional life; including twenty-two years for UPS in Management, Operations, as well as Human Resources.

As a kid, Ray had many different pets; dogs, parrots, and even snakes. One of his favorite memories was dirt biking at the age of sixteen with his Doberman Pinscher, Kimba, on his lap.

A huge sports fan, Ray finds much of his off-time is spent watching or playing everything from men’s softball to motor cross racing. But the most important time is spent with the loves of his life, his three beautiful daughters, Jessica, Amanda, and Sarah, who enjoy Dodger Dogs with dad as often as possible.

Ray takes great pride working for Animal Behavior College as colleagues and students make everyday a pleasure. “It’s interesting how many people have little idea how much the pet industry is booming and how much opportunity is out there to make a great living even in slow economic times. I really love helping students who are motivated and eager to get their careers going, and see that enthusiasm take them above and beyond their end goal. And it all starts with a conversation to get their education rolling. I love it.”


Marla Harkavy
ABC Admissions Counselor

Marla has loved animals her whole life. As a child, she and her two sisters raised hamsters alongside their favorite dog; a cock-a-pooh named “Freckles”. Early on, Marla found that all animals, even those outside of the familiar variety of dogs and cats, need love too. Miniature turtles, box turtle, a Dutch rabbit, a corn snake and even a group of praying mantis’ that grew to 6” long found a loving home with our Marla! Today, she and her husband, Steve, and their daughter Casey are devoted to their Golden Retriever, “Sadie”, and Lhasa-Shitz-Pooh, “Misty”.

Marla comes to ABC fresh from 24 years in the stressful world of the escrow industry. Now able to combine her love of animals with her passion of helping people, Marla finds her forte was simply a paw-print away. “I really love my job as an Admissions Counselor. I love the fact that I talk to people all day long from every walk of life and from all over the country. Everyone seems to have one thing in common with me, their passion and love for animals. Since I have become a member of the pack at ABC, I realize that this really is my niche in life, to assist students recognize what their dreams are in the animal industry, and help them turn those dreams into reality. It’s a win, win situation!”


Terrence Crook
ABC Admissions Counselor

Terrence (Terry) is a transplant from Philadelphia and has lived on the West Coast since 1999, holding a BA Degree in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Primarily working in the insurance and staffing industries, Terry has evolved from Underwriter, Claims Rep. and Recruiter to one of our newest Admission Counselors.

One of Terry’s favorite childhood memories was watching his puppy Basset Hound, Sanchez, chasing rabbits in the deep snow. He remembers Sanchez never actually getting close enough to the rabbit, however it was so much fun to watch Sanchez romp and play in the waist deep snow, wildly racing towards the much faster and perhaps even teasing bunnies.

Married to his lovely wife, Richelle, the Crooks enjoy taking their Basset Hound, Diego, on long hikes and visiting the dog friendly beaches of Southern California. Second to his pup, Terry’s passion is Motorcycling.

The best part of Terrence’s job is that he knows he directly helps students realize their animal career dreams. “I am so honored to be able to make dreams come true. This is a rewarding privilege. Every time I can make a student’s passion come to reality, I also know that animals’ lives are being saved. That is very cool!”


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