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Tip of the Month Archives

1/9/2015 How to Give a Dog a Pill
12/4/2014 How to Catch a Stray Dog
11/3/2014 How to Bond with Your Dog
10/9/2014 Training Your Dog Through Your Tone
5/22/2014 When Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety
4/23/2014 Pet Nutrition and a Healthy Dog Diet
3/3/2014 Understanding Why Dogs Hump
12/30/2013 When Your Dog is Not Treat Motivated
12/4/2013 How To Teach A Dog Manners
10/23/2013 Get Your Dog To Respond To Cues
9/19/2013 Aggression In Dogs - Avoiding Dog Bites
8/30/2013 Dog Park Basics
6/26/2013 Breed Spotlight - St. Bernard
5/2/2013 Train Your Dog To Bow Down & Crawl
4/15/2013 Train Your Dog to Run on a Treadmill
3/11/2013 Cabin Fever (aka Extended Indoor Boredom)
2/25/2013 How to Teach Your Dog to Put Away Their Toys
2/25/2013 Skateboarding With Your Dog
1/22/2013 Double Trouble or Double the Pleasure?
1/15/2013 Breed Spotlight - Doberman Pincher
12/13/2012 Breed Spotlight - Maltese
10/15/2012 Breed Spotlight: Chihuahua
8/15/2012 Wheelchairs and Dogs
6/13/2012 Breed Spotlight: Australian Shepherd
6/5/2012 Breed Spotlight: Havanese
5/16/2012 What Kind of Dog Should I Get My Child?
3/26/2012 Springtime Travel
3/12/2012 Breed Spotlight: Australian Cattle Dog
2/13/2012 Puppy Socialization
1/24/2012 Curing Dog Carsickness
1/1/2012 Is Your Pet Winter Ready?
12/30/2011 Breed Spotlight - The Great Dane
12/12/2011 Howliday Puppy Picks
11/14/2011 Introduction of Multiple Pets into the Same Household: Dog Vs. Dog
10/31/2011 Breed Spotlight - French Bulldogs
10/17/2011 Flying the Skies with Your Pet
9/26/2011 How to Properly Plan For Your New Animal Business
9/12/2011 Pros and Cons to the Fall Season
8/29/2011 Breed Spotlight - Lhasa Apso
8/15/2011 Dogs & Noise Fear
7/28/2011 Breed Spotlight – The American Pit Bull Terrier
7/8/2011 Puppy Ping-Pong!
6/24/2011 The “Leave It’ Cue
6/14/2011 Dangers in the Back yard
4/25/2011 Breed Spotlight - Siberian Huskies
4/8/2011 Canine Communication - Ever Wonder What They’re Shouting About?
3/28/2011 The Kong Wobbler – The Perfect Solution for a Restless Pooch!
3/14/2011 The Greeting Spot
2/28/2011 Bad Dog! Why Scolding is a Harmful Punishment
2/15/2011 Thundershirt
1/26/2011 How to Properly Socialize your Puppy
1/10/2011 Jumping Over
12/27/2010 Tug of War – The Best Way to Spend a Rainy Day with Your Pooch!
11/25/2010 Head Collars, Harnesses, and Leashes, Oh my!
10/25/2010 How to Successfully Photograph Your Pets
9/27/2010 “Bang!” How to Teach your Dog to Play Dead
8/25/2010 What Can I do with my Certification?
7/26/2010 How to Teach Your Dog “Speak!”
6/25/2010 How to Cease Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing
5/25/2010 How to Prepare Your Pooch for a Vet Visit
4/26/2010 “No Begging!” How to keep your pooch from pawing at your plate
3/25/2010 How to keep your hound happy in hot weather
2/25/2010 Pets and Fire Safety
1/25/2010 How to Protect your Pooch in the Cold
12/23/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Labrador Retriever
11/25/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Yorkshire Terrier
10/23/2009 Breed Spotlight - The German Shepherd Dog
9/25/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Golden Retriever
8/25/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Beagle
7/27/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Boxer
6/25/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Dachshund
5/26/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Bulldog
4/24/2009 Breed Spotlight - The Poodle
3/25/2009 Breed Spotlight – The Shih Tzu
2/17/2009 Looking for an Animal Career?
1/26/2009 Choosing the Right Type of Dog for You and Your Family (Part 2)
12/24/2008 Choosing the Right Type of Dog for You and Your Family (Part 1)
11/25/2008 Holiday Food Considerations
10/24/2008 Have a Happy Halloween with your Hound!
9/25/2008 Naming Your New Dog or Puppy
8/25/2008 Maintaining your Dog’s Obedience Cues
7/25/2008 Capture the Behavior – The “Down” Cue
6/25/2008 Caring for your Dog while on Vacation
5/27/2008 Swimming with your Best Friend… Safely!
4/25/2008 “Give your Paw” or “Shake”
3/25/2008 Just Say No to Table Scraps – Human Foods that are Poisonous to Dogs
2/25/2008 Canine Vehicle Safety Systems
1/25/2008 Work Out Together
12/28/2007 Chew Toys
11/26/2007 Crates
10/25/2007 Squeaky Toys
9/25/2007 Rope Toys
8/21/2007 The Long Line
7/25/2007 Leadership Exercises
6/21/2007 Is your Dog Digging Because He Is Too Hot?
5/25/2007 Housebreaking
4/25/2007 Jumping
3/22/2007 Food Treats
2/27/2007 Begging for Food
1/26/2007 Preventing Inappropriate Digging
12/18/2006 Time for a Walk: Time for Socialization
11/28/2006 Timing is Everything
10/28/2006 Behavior Tip - What Motivates your Dog?
9/22/2006 Playing Fetch
8/18/2006 Kong! The King of Toys
7/11/2006 Oops... Try Again!
6/16/2006 Fidos Daily To-Do List
5/31/2006 Rewarding Alternative Behaviors
4/22/2006 Treat your Chewing Problems with Bitter Apple Spray


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