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10/17/2011 Flying the Skies with Your Pet

Many people consider their pets as part of the family; therefore it should be no surprise that they want to tote their furry friends with them on vacation. Millions of animals accompany their guardians for travel within the U.S. and abroad every year. Vacations are being designed with animals in mind. It is more common today to locate pet friendly hotels within the travel community. In some cases it may be better to leave your pet at home depending on their age and health. If this is the case leave them in the hands of a trusted sitter that will be accountable with your family member. Sometimes your local dog trainer will also offer pet sitting services, or they may be able to at least recommend a reputable sitter.

If you are taking to the skies, consider what season you will be flying during; Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? Some airlines will not allow animal travel during spring and summer months due to the fact that pets are cargo and that is where they will be stored during transport. During vacation scheduling call the airlines to see what their policies are on pet travel.

Ask questions such as:
** How long does the aircraft sit on the tarmac?
** If it is an extended period of time on the ground are pets removed and given water?
** If there is a lay over will you be reunited with your pet?

To avoid your animal suffering with an upset stomach during travel, do not feed them for 6 – 8 hours before flight. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with identification. Always try to book non-stop flights. Avoid traveling in extreme temperatures. Most airlines will not allow travel during these conditions. If at all possible watch to make sure your pet has been loaded on the plane or ask the flight attendant for verification your pet has boarded. Carry water with you for your pet and freeze a small bowl of water to put in the travel container for the flight.

Lastly, if traveling abroad check with the receiving airport about quarantine restrictions. You might be extremely upset if you take your pet to Hawaii or Guam to find out they can’t leave the airport. Enjoy your pet friendly vacation!

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