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Animal Behavior College Reputation

In the News

Animal behavior College has been in the animal career industry for nearly 20 years. Check out what the media is saying about us as well as our graduates.

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Pet Product News International | December 2016

Animal Behavior College's students win full scholarships. The scholarship recipients, Leslie Bussinger of Colfax, Calif., and Portia E. Scott of Florissant, Mo., were selected for how well they explained their achievement goals and their commitment to strengthening the bond between dog owners and their pets. | October 2016

Graham Bloem, ABCDT, is featured in this article. He specializes in training dogs with behavior challenges and service dogs.

Daily Press | August 2016

Mary Blasier, ABCDT, introduced a dog behavior class at a local shelter in her community. The class helps canine owners whose four-legged friends exhibit challenging behaviors positively correct and build stronger relationships with them.

Pet Age Magazine | August 2016

What steps do you take to keep your salon safe, not just for the pets entrusted in your care but also for you and your employees? It starts when the first client walks through the door.

Dogster | May 2016

Dog training is an unregulated profession, but there are steps dog training enthusiasts can take to ensure they get the proper education and skills. ABC's Dog Obedience Program is an excellent choice.

Pet Product News International | March 2016

Andis Company announces partnership with Animal Behavior College's pet grooming program.

Pet Product News International | February 2016

2 Hounds Design Inc. and Charlee Bear Treats renew sponsorships for Animal Behavior College's Dog Obedience Program.

Pet Boarding & Daycare | January 2016

There are several ways to read a dog's body language and make proper introductions. Steven Appelbaum, Animal Behavior College's president, explains how.

Daily Treat - | January 2016

Steven Appelbaum does guest post, "Is it Really Positive Training?: A Dog Expert Explains How to Tell."

Lawrence Business Magazine | Winter 2016

What does your pet do while you're at work? ABC Dog Trainer Program graduates, Jerri Johnson and Jeannene Loewenstein, explain what pets should be doing in an article that featured their business. In the article, they discuss the increased demand for their business titled Wagmore Canine Enrichment that offers everything from dog walking and dog training to doggy daycare and problem solving.

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