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Animal behavior College has been in the animal career industry for nearly 20 years. Check out what the media is saying about us as well as our graduates.

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Pet Age | November 2018

Rasha Hassanien-Hassan, ABCVA, of Cairo, Egypt is on a worldwide mission to stop animal abuse and promote animal welfare.

Pet Product News | November 2018

Stacy Marquar was named Animal Behavior College's 2018 Sleepypod Scholarship essay contest winner. She was awarded a full-ride scholarship to the college’s Veterinary Assistant Program.

Pet Age | November 2018

In this article by Steven Appelbaum, president and CEO of Animal Behavior College, he advises businesses to adjust their communications methods, such as texting instead of emailing, to appropriately reach younger audiences.

Dogster | November 2018

Traveling with dogs during the holidays? Here are 8 ways to take stress out of traveling with dogs.

Pet Age | October 2018

This article features Rhonda York, ABCDT, who trains shelter dogs and teaches training techniques to volunteers at the Leavenworth County Humane Society. Rhonda is working with the organization to create a new dog trainer program for inmates at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.The program is expected to launch sometime in 2019.

Pet Age | August 2018

There is an array of products available to help shape positive dog behaviors and assist in curbing unwanted conduct. In this article, Steven Appelbaum, founder and president of ABC, explains how new puppies in a household have different behavioral product needs from an older adopted dog.

Pet Product News | August 2018

In this article, Andis Co. announced it's accepting applications for the Andis Groom Nation Scholarship to Animal Behavior College's pet grooming program.

Churchill People's News | July 2018

In an article about keeping pets safe on the 4th of July, Vivien "Lulu" Clarke, ABCDT, offers advice on how owners can help their pups overcome fearful noises such as fireworks.

Pet Business | July 2018

Andis Company is accepting applications for its second annual Andis Groom Nation Scholarship to Animal Behavior College (ABC). The company will offer an enrollment scholarship to the school’s Certified Pet Grooming Program.

Pet Age | July 2018

Christopher Speicher, ABCPG, and Tori Boucher-Hode, ABCCT, were featured in an article about the importance of taking dogs and cats to certified pet groomers. Certified pet groomers are trained to practice safety and thoroughly inspect a dog’s entire body during the grooming process. This aids in finding potentially serious conditions such as parasites, infections, skin issues and suspicious lumps.

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