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Animal Behavior College Reputation

In the News

Animal behavior College has been in the animal career industry for nearly 20 years. Check out what the media is saying about us as well as our graduates.

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The Citizens' Voice | April 2019

Judy Endo is an ABC DOP mentor. In this column, she shares her experience as a dog trainer and encourages readers to volunteer to help dogs and cats.

Leavenworth Times | March 2019

Rhonda York, ABCDT, is also a renaissance woman. The professional singer, former college-level vocal performance instructor and ordained minister has always had a deep affection for animals, especially dogs.

The Daily Herald | March 2019

Tom Dixon, ABCDT, is living his dream. The musician was featured in an article recently about his decision to pursue a dog training career.

East Haven Courier | March 2019

Janice Liscinsky, ABCDT, is expanding her dog training business. She recently received approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission in her town. Janice also volunteers and trains dogs at a local shelter in her community.

Crazy Dog blog | March 2019

How do you start your dog in agility? Where do you begin? In his blog, Steven Appelbaum, ABC's founder and president explains how.

Pet Age | February 2019

This article by Steven Appelbaum, ABC's president, encourages pet retailers to learn the many reasons dogs chew items. By understanding this behavior, retailers can suggest products to their customers that best address particular behaviors.

Pet Age | February 2019

ABC's Pet Fostering Short-term Program is a how-to guide that helps aspiring pet foster advocates create successful programs.

Pet Product News | February 2019

Andis Company awarded Amy Ganos of Tucson, Arizona a full scholarship to Animal Behavior College’s Certified Grooming Instruction Program.

Animals Today Radio | February 2019

Seth Hutson, ABCDT, and instructor of ABC's On-Campus Dog Obedience Program was interviewed by Peter Spiegel. The interview aired on February 23, 2019. Seth discussed ABC's Pet Fostering Short-term Program and offered advice to listeners interested in setting up pet fostering programs in their communities. The interview is also available in Apple Podcasts, Android, and RSS.

Pet Botanics | February 2019

Steven Appelbaum, ABC's founder and president, offers advice on how trainers can help their clients read and gain a better understanding of their dogs' body language and posture.

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