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Animal behavior College has been in the animal career industry for nearly 20 years. Check out what the media is saying about us as well as our graduates.

Page 11 of 17   < Previous | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | Next > | January 2010 is an online community dedicated to providing visitors the ability to research, share, and discuss solutions and tips for completing day-to-day tasks and projects. In an article about Animal Training and Management, described Animal Behavior College’s Certified Dog Trainer Course. "Students also might study animal learning theory, health and disease management, safety and business building, according to Animal Behavior College. In hands-on animal training programs, students additionally learn how to care for animals, which includes, feeding, watering, exercising, grooming and bathing them as well as cleaning and repairing their cages."

Tule River Indian Tribe Newsletter | January 2010

The Tule River Indian Tribe Newsletter reported on one of their member’s experience learning to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant through Animal Behavior College.
Tyra grew up on the Tule River Indian reservation, riding horses, raising sheep and helping out on cattle drives. She talks about her experiences and future as a Certified Veterinary Assistant.

Pet Product News | January 2010

ABC was featured on the homepage of announcing the launch of the Certified Grooming Instruction program. This is the third course ABC offers as the premier school for animal-related career training.

Pet Product News International | September 2009

Pet Product News International is the top monthly business newsmagazine that informs, educates and entertains the professional pet industry. Leaders in all areas of the pet industry look to Pet Product News International, "The Big 1," as their source of up-to-date information.
Animal Behavior College was displayed on the homepage of as it announced it's approval by the government for the MyCAA military spouse education funding.

Veterinary Practice News | September 2009

Veterinary Practice News is a business-to-business magazine for veterinarians and veterinary support staff published monthly.
News on consists of reporters that specialize in covering the veterinary industry.
Animal Behavior College was displayed on the homepage of as it announced it's approval by the government for the MyCAA military spouse education funding. | September 2009 is the most widely used website by entrepreneurs and leaders in business worldwide. As the leading small business website on the Internet, serves its visitors’ needs by creating the most satisfying experience with relevant content, logical information management and ease of access.
ABC was proud to be featured on as they announced their approval by the government for the MyCAA military spouse education funding program.

Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Seminar | June 2009

ABC staff attended a dog training seminar held by Victoria Stilwell, host of Animal Planet's hit TV show, "It's Me or the Dog" in Santa Barbara, CA. | May 2009

Flexi, one of the lead producers of the retractable leash, recently published an article written by Steven Appelbaum. This article presents Appelbaum’s expert training advice on the use of retractable leashes and how they apply to dog training.

Tails Inc. Magazine | May 2009

Tails Inc. is the publisher of over 16 regional pet magazines nationwide. Their dedication to helping homeless dogs coupled with their focus on the pet world has made them one of the most popular privately-owned pet magazines in America. In mid-2009, Tails Inc. published an article titled "Making Cents out of Pet Sense," which featured careers that were inspired by our furry friends. ABC’s president, Steven Appelbaum was one of the people profiled in this article as an entrepreneur in the pet industry. | May 2009 is a career-oriented website that helps job seekers find free career advice including how to get a job, keep a job and succeed in the workplace. In the summer of 2009, published an article titled, "What are the Careers Working with Animals?" This article featured ABC as an educational institution that caters to people who wish to work in the pet industry. Given ABC’s strong focus on helping graduates succeed, this article detailed the school’s job-placement assistance as well as their focus on business building and networking. | February 2009, owned by Bowtie Inc. is the website for some of the most popular pet magazines in the country including Dog Fancy and Dog World. In early 2009 an article was published solely featuring ABC’s Students Saving Lives campaign titled, "Dog Trainers Turn Focus to Saving Shelter Dogs." This article detailed the work of ABC students who volunteer their time training shelter dogs to help increase adoption rates. To date, ABC students have donated over 31,000 hours of volunteer training time and have helped countless dogs find loving, permanent homes.

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