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Meet the Pack - Admissions Counselors

Sherri Knowles
ABC Admissions Counselor

Sherri started working at Animal Behavior College in 2004 shortly after a major company lay-off that effected many company employees including herself. Following her hiatus (a much needed time to reflect), Sherri noticed an ad for an Admission Counselor at ABC that read, “Must Love Dogs.” Instead of taking just another “job” she knew, at that moment, that ABC was the place for her!

Sherri had dogs well before she had children and that love of pups stayed with her growing family. At one time, they even bred Shih tzu’s! Besides dogs, Sherri’s family raised a pair of pigs, ducks, rabbits, chickens, and a Shetland pony. Currently, an adopted Akita-Sheppard mix named Jeopardy is the love of her house.

“Many people that own a dog think all they have to do is feed and water their pet and watch it grow.” There is so much more involved and Sherri believes in educating people on how to be a responsible pet owner and by enrolling people in ABC fits that bill perfectly! Whether it be a career in the training or pet health industry or the simple pleasure of working with dogs, helping people do what they love is Sherri’s joy.

Sherri has seen ABC become number one in the dog training industry and takes great pleasure in helping people, from all walks of life, do something they love and is happy to be a part of it.


SueAnn O’Connor
ABC Admissions Counselor

Born in Japan, SueAnn grew up around animals. Dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, all animals found their way into her heart. Her strong passion for our furry (and feathered) friends, came from her mother who raised Dalmatians while living in Yokohama, Japan. But SueAnn’s favorite pet as a child, by far, had to be a little chick named Yuki which she raised until it became a full grown chicken! Yuki was such a big part of the family; she would even sleep in SueAnn’s bed!

With a background in Advertising and Marketing, SueAnn was a successful Copy Editor working advertising layouts for culinary magazines. Along with a strong, creative eye, SueAnn’s previous professions found our Sweet Sue in promotional sales and nursing. Her BA in Anthropology is something that she is most proud of.

Today, SueAnn is devoted to her 5 year old Shih Tzu, named Suzie. No, she didn’t name her pup after herself. Suzie was a rescue (who was already named) that SueAnn fostered, fell in love with, then adopted. Talk about fate!

Although she does not have previous animal related business experience, SueAnn was drawn to ABC for her ability to help others realize their career goals with animals. “ABC is my passion. Especially because of the people I get to work with and build lasting relationships with the students. I love being their cheerleader. It’s very fulfilling to know that I was part of helping a person achieve their dreams and goals.”


Deb House
ABC Admissions Counselor and ABC Honor Graduate

Deb has always had a love for animals. She says she used to want to be a veterinarian as a child, but pursued a BS in Business instead. Early in her career, she served as a Director of Marketing for a start up company that manufactured nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses. Although, she loved this job, it kept her traveling the majority of the year visiting key accounts. After 9/11 she found herself looking for a career that would keep her close to home.

After working outside of the pet industry for a few years, she was so excited when she found out Animal Behavior College was looking for Admissions Counselors. As an Admission Counselor, Deb is able to help fellow animal lovers across the country and assist them in achieving their career goals in the animal industry.

In addition to two dogs and a cat of her own, Deb fosters and rehabilitates greyhounds out of the racetracks in Tucson, AZ for a rescue organization in Malibu, CA. Harley is the latest addition to the family.

Her favorite part of the Dog Obedience program is our "Student Saving Lives" campaign. Through our students, both in the United States and in Canada, we've saved thousands of dogs in shelters from euthanasia simply by teaching them basic obedience or correcting problem behaviors. Deb says “It is wonderful to see our students continue to give back to their communities and assist in shelter rehabilitation and adoption well after graduation.”


Chris Walter
ABC Admissions Counselor

Chris is pictured with Blossom, the family pet. Chris joined the ABC family after a long career in the service industry. Chris says, "one of the most rewarding things about dog training is seeing the results of your work when the dog and its owner's relationship is dramatically improved." Chris's love of animals developed at an early age when he and his brother raised German Shepherds, cats, goats, chickens, rats, mice, and hamsters, just to name a few. Chris also had 2 Catalina Island Boarhogs and a lamb as pets. As a teenager, Chris worked for a well known trainer of animals for television and motion picture work.

We are proud to have Chris as part of the ABC team!


Mike "MG" Gulotta
ABC Admissions Counselor

MG is our very own “cowboy” as growing up on a sprawling West Coast ranch, in the lovely Santa Rosa Valley, is where his love of animals began. As a child, MG had several family pets, but one rescue in particular holds a prominent and vivid memory. MG recounts finding a tiny, newborn kitten that was left alone in the wild. After scooping it up and bringing it home, MG nursed the kitten back to health by keeping it warm and feeding it every hour with an eyedropper. Kipper, very quickly, became the family favorite and long-time member.

After a long career in the Business and Financial world, MG joins the ABC family with renewed commitment to our four-legged loves. Realizing that people in the pet industry not only love what they do, but they are, in fact, passionate about it, MG finds it a privilege to help our students realize their dreams. “What better career is there than to have one where you can’t wait to get started every day. Our ABC Certified Dog Trainers go out and make a difference in the world by improving the relationships between pets and their owners through professional training.”

We are proud to have MG as a member of the ABC pack.


Jennifer "Denise" Gray
ABC Admissions Counselor

Denise was born in San Diego, CA and grew up in a large family of animal lovers. As most of her family involved themselves in veterinary medicine and showing dogs, Denise quickly gravitated towards agility training and found her strongest passion working with wolves. To date, Denise still volunteers with a variety of wolf sanctuaries and wolf-dog rescues.

She continued her education at UCLA and pursued a career in recruiting and job placement for 12 years. Eight of those years, Denise ran her own recruiting firm. “While I’ve always had a passion for animals, I also have a passion for helping people, especially in finding careers.”

As her enthusiasm for wolf dog’s grew, Denise adopted Coda, who is 7/8th wolf and 1/8th Sheppard, and began training him for print, commercial, and film work. Currently, Denise and Coda share their home with several others, a Mini-Poodle-mix named Harley, a Chihuahua/Mini-Aussie mix named Peanut, and even a cat named Inky…and they all get along beautifully! Denise says, “When you provide a loving, secure home with proper socialization and behavioral training, it’s amazing that even the most unusual combination of animals can be the best of friends”.

Denise saw a need in the health industry and realized that patients in therapy or undergoing treatments could benefit from animal therapy. It has been documented that people with health issues, when surrounded by the love of a pet, can speed up the healing process. Knowing this, Denise sought to establish a boarding kennel with pet therapy and a trust-building program on-site. She continues to build this program and hopes to branch it out to other treatment centers nationwide.

Now as an Admission Counselor for ABC, Denise says this position combines her passions for animals with helping people find work in this economy. “I fell in love with the fact that ABC doesn’t just provide a great education with hands-on-trainings, but continues to assist our graduates getting their careers going in the animal industry. I thoroughly enjoy assisting all kinds of people pursue their career dreams while bettering the lives of the animals they’ll soon be working with. It’s an amazingly, satisfying profession.”


Cindy Clement
ABC Admissions Counselor

Cindy has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. She has been an Admissions Counselor for Animal Behavior College for 10 years.

Cindy is pictured here with her black Labrador mix, Cinder, who lived to be 13 1/2 years old. Cindy attended private training and group classes with her.

She discovered training to be very useful ever since she hired a trainer to train her prior Black Labrador mix, Shadow to retrieve beverages from the refrigerator, and throw away the empty cans in the kitchen garbage can while Cindy watched movies on the couch.

In May of 2001, Cindy saw an ad for her current position as Admissions Counselor. It read, Do You Love Dogs? The ad literally pounced on her, and a career with dogs was born.

Cindy always wanted to help our four legged friends, who have “no voice”. She grew up watching Lassie and always hated seeing dogs hurt even on TV or in the movies. She believes that an owner/dog relationship is the purest form of love there is. Dogs are our guardian angels!

Following your passion is the most exciting journey you can enjoy. The people who are the happiest and most successful on this planet are doing exactly what they love. If you follow your passion, you will never work again!

In Cindy’s career, it is important for her to make a difference in improving peoples’ lives.
She has helped thousands of people to follow their dream career. Prior to Animal Behavior College, she worked in the dating industry for five years and helped hundreds of people to find their dream dates/mates.

Cindy wants all of the students she has enrolled to let her know when their Animal Planet shows, books, and/or movies are coming out! You and your dogs are all going to be huge stars!


Karen Parks
ABC Admissions Counselor

Karen has always loved having her animals around her. Growing up in Los Angeles as an only child, her dog and cat were an important part of her life. A cocker spaniel and white Persian kitty were among her best companions.

Graduating from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in music, Karen did some student teaching in the music program until it was cut from the school budget. After marrying and starting a family of her own, she knew she wanted to get back in the educational field in some capacity; however, she wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to pursue. In her pursuit, she ended up in various fields; from office product sales with Xerox, to eventually working in the insurance industry promoting an insurance product that could be used to fund college.

Karen later obtained a position with a private online university as an admissions counselor, where she stayed for more than 8 years. When the school relocated out of state, some of her co-workers went to work for Animal Behavior College. It was then that she was told about the great environment filled with people who love and want a career working with animals. Karen applied and from the beginning, it's been a perfect fit. "Working with people who love animals has been especially rewarding for me. I'm combining both my loves: the field of education, and working with people who love animals as much as I do."


Ron Goldman
ABC Admissions Counselor

Ron was born in Connecticut. Out of high school, he began to study Law Enforcement. He soon moved at the age of 19 to California, and then pursued and obtained his college degree in Business Administration.

Through his career, Ron has worked in various fields, including the Transportation industry where he owned Trucking companies, and he also has had Real Estate and Fundraising businesses. He raised funds for charity foundations such as PETA, the Wildlife Way Station, and various cancer and handicapped children’s organizations. Ron’s biggest passions are with assisting the handicapped, and dogs. He has always wanted to do something where he can combine his passions.

Ron has always had a passion for animals. He has rescued dozens of dogs over the years, and currently has 4 of whom are Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mixes named Truffle, Binky, Yoda, and Penny. He also has his oldest dog, a Beagle named Koko.

Ron’s natural love for dogs brought him to Animal Behavior College where he sought out the Certified Dog Obedience Program because he wants to open a facility in the Marina Del Rey, CA area where he can train therapy dogs. While looking into starting the program here at ABC, Ron got know the staff and decided to use his business background as an Admissions Counselor, where he provides assistance to other prospective students looking into our programs.

Ron says, “I enjoy assisting others with their questions about the programs and helping them get started in pursuing their careers working with pets. Meanwhile, I can study the Certified Dog Obedience Program in my off time on the weekends or evenings. It’s a great to take my time and really absorb the information, yet when I want to go faster I can.”